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Ornamental grasses are known as a privacy screen in front of terraces, as a decorative element in perennial beds, for greening open areas and riparian zones and much more. But you can also keep them at home - if you know how…

Cyprus grass makes an excellent houseplant

Which ornamental grass species are suitable

Most ornamental grass species used for planting gardens find it too warm and too dark indoors. But a few specimens are suitable as houseplants. Here is a selection:

  • Cyprus grass
  • Fountain Bamboo
  • Buddha belly bamboo
  • Umbrella Grass
  • Silver Mondo Grass
  • flutter rush
  • love curls

location in the living room

Whatever ornamental grass you choose, the location you choose should be as bright as possible. A seat right by the window is ideal. It is important that the ornamental grass is not exposed to drafts and is not subject to dry heating air in winter. All rooms with windows are well suited, but above all:

  • bathroom
  • kitchens
  • living room
  • office space

Houseplant care

Most ornamental grasses that are suitable as houseplants need high humidity. Therefore, it is worth not only watering them regularly, but also - especially on hot summer days - spraying them. Preferably use stale (lime-free) water in a watering can!

In addition, ornamental grasses should be fertilized at home from time to time. It is sufficient to fertilize them sparingly every 2 to 4 weeks during their main growing season between April and September. Conventional liquid fertilizer for green plants can be used for this. Coffee grounds and cooled herbal teas are also suitable for fertilizing ornamental grasses.

Pests, overwinter and repot

Repotting and wintering are also part of the care. In winter you should offer your ornamental grass a warm place that is not directly above a heater. Check the plant regularly for pests such as scale insects. Spring, between February and March, is a perfect time to repot.


You are welcome to put your ornamental grass outside on the balcony from March/April to September. It is happy about the fresh air and the portion of sunlight. But slowly get your ornamental grass used to the direct sun!

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!