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Contrary to what the name might suggest, the medlars (Eriobotrya) do not belong to the medlars (Mespilus) that are better known in this country, although they are related to them. Its plump, yellow and tasty fruits are sometimes available in well-stocked supermarkets in spring under the name "medlars". The fruit tree, originally from East Asia, is increasingly being cultivated here too.

The loquat needs a lot of water

Which location does the Asian loquat prefer?

Loquats like a sunny to semi-shady location, although direct midday sun is usually not well tolerated, especially in summer.

Can the loquat be cultivated in the garden?

Since the plants are not hardy in our country, loquat should only be cultivated in tubs if possible. In the warm season, however, they like to stand on the balcony or terrace or in the garden.

Which substrate does the loquat prefer?

Loquats thrive in normal, commercially available potting or potting soil.

How much water does the loquat need?

The moisture requirement of the loquat is very high, so you should water the plant abundantly. However, waterlogging should be avoided.

When and with what should you fertilize the loquat?

It is best to fertilize the loquat about every two weeks during the growth period with a liquid complete fertilizer. Fertilizer should also be used in winter, but much less frequently.

Can you cut the loquat?

Cut back overly long shoots by about half in spring and carefully thin out the plant. Dead and diseased branches should also be removed.

How can the loquat be propagated?

Loquats are quite easy to propagate from seeds or by slightly woody cuttings. You can take the seeds, for example, from bought, ripe fruits and plant them about one centimeter deep in a sand-peat mixture. The germination takes about six to eight weeks quite a long time.

When should the loquat be repotted?

Repot the loquat into a larger container in early spring. The evergreen tree can grow between seven and twelve meters high in nature.

When does the loquat bloom?

The loquat is an autumn bloomer and usually only blooms from September / October. In our latitudes, flowering often begins earlier.

Is the loquat susceptible to diseases or pests?

Loquats are sometimes attacked by aphids, mealybugs and mealybugs.

What is the best way to overwinter the loquat?

It is best to overwinter the exotic plant bright and cool at around 10 °C, but in any case frost-free. In addition, the loquat should continue to be watered and fertilized.


If you want to grow loquat from seeds yourself, then you have to be patient: the plants do not flower until after about six years at the earliest; they also very rarely set fruit in this country.

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