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Beans are green or yellow - everyone knows that. But what is behind the terms green and princess beans or behind runner beans, bush beans and runner beans? Do you also know the aromatic blue varieties? They are a vitamin-rich delicacy and turn green when cooked.

There are hundreds of different types of beans

Green beans, French beans, cut beans or snap beans?

Green beans, French beans and string beans are known from what is on offer in the supermarket and from cooking recipes. However, this does not describe the varieties, but the possible uses.

As a green bean, you simply summarize all the beans together. The princess bean is also not a separate variety, but a particularly tender bean that is harvested early. String beans taste best cut into small pieces as a vegetable or soup. Snap beans are young beans that are easy to snap.

Runner beans, runner beans and bush beans

The three large groups of the vitamin-rich vegetable are referred to as pole beans, bush beans and fire beans. Pole and bush beans belong to the garden beans. They have been cultivated in Europe since the 16th century.

They are differentiated according to growth. Bush beans grow low like a bush, pole beans climb up on a trellis. Both have round or flat pods that are between 5 and 30 cm long, depending on the variety.

Runner beans are grown primarily for their flowers. They climb fences and trellises, their seeds are also edible when cooked.

Popular bush beans

  • Adriana: 14 cm long, green pods, medium late to late variety, 50 cm high, suitable as snap beans
  • Berggold: robust variety, yellow pods, 12 - 14 cm long, stringless, salad or snap beans
  • Saxa: round pods, 13 cm long, stringless, snap bean

High-yield pole beans

  • Goldmarie: golden yellow, flat pods, 20 cm long, reliable variety for outdoors and greenhouses,

wax bean

  • Neckargold: very productive,
  • Mathilda: round, 15 cm long pods, fillet bean, early harvest
  • Tamara: medium-wide, up to 28 cm long pods, very productive

Runner beans (runner beans) for pots and fences

  • Lady Di: fiery red flowers, 25 - 30 cm long pods, very aromatic cut beans, robust variety
  • Moonlight: white flowers, 30 cm long, stringless, tender cut beans
  • St. George: red-white flowers, aromatic, stringless bean, early harvest

Ah yes, the blue ones!

  • Blauhilde: Runner bean, 25 cm long, deep violet pods without threads, strong taste
  • Bluevetta: bush bean, 15 cm long, delicate, particularly aromatic pods, violet flowers


The varieties "Borlotto" (bush bean), "Canadian Wonder" (kidney bean) and "Merveille de Piemonte" (runner bean) are suitable as dry beans.

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