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Anyone who has caught a good hosta variety does not necessarily have to buy more copies of it in order to propagate it. If it is strong enough (usually lasts 3 years), it can be boldly divided. How does sharing work?

Hostas can be propagated and rejuvenated by division

To multiply and rejuvenate

Basically, this measure makes sense if the hosta has grown too big and may already be crowding out other perennials in the vicinity. Even if the hosta has been in its place for 4 to 5 years, division is recommended to rejuvenate it.

The best time: spring or autumn

Hostas are divided either in autumn or in spring. If necessary, you can also try to share them in the summer. As a rule, hostas are robust and if they are watered well, they can also be divided in summer.

However, autumn or spring is preferable. If you want to divide the hosta in the fall, do so in September. Then it has enough time to root until winter. In spring you have the advantage that you can already see the young shoots emerging from the ground.

Share the funky step by step

Dividing the hosta usually works without much effort and, unlike sowing, ensures that the offspring have the same characteristics as the mother plant. How it works:

  • dig out with a digging fork
  • remove coarse soil (e.g. by shaking)
  • cut off old, rotten roots
  • Divide the root ball with a knife or spade
  • Caution: Each section should have something of the earth trunk

Which location is suitable?

Now the new specimens come into the ground. You can also take the opportunity to move the mother plant to another location:

  • semi-shady to shady position
  • ideally sheltered place
  • e.g. B. roadsides, beds, edges of trees
  • Minimum distance to other plants: 50 cm
  • Loosen the soil well and enrich with compost


Remember to water your freshly propagated Hosta regularly for the first few weeks after dividing and planting if the rains fail to materialize! This is essential for growth.

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