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The blossoms of the blue cushion are as deep blue as the sea sparkling in the sunlight. Whether in the rock garden, between paving joints, high up on brickwork or along pathsides, these flowers look fantastic and will attract lots of bees, bumblebees and butterflies!

Blue cushions bloom in spring

Flowering time: Varies from variety to variety

Depending on the variety, the blue cushions bloom between March and May. A few exceptions even bloom until June like the specimen called Aubrieta x cultorum (April to June). Most varieties show their flowers between April and May (e.g. Aubrieta 'Blue Tit', Aubrieta 'Blue Emperor') for several weeks.

What do the flowers look like and which plants do they look best next to?

The flowers of the easy-to-plant blue cushion:

  • are blue to blue-violet, more rarely pink and white
  • almost completely cover the foliage below
  • are hermaphrodite and fourfold
  • are good to combine with alyssum, candytufts, goose cress

Stimulate a second bloom - cut after the first bloom

Refined gardeners encourage a second bloom. How it works? Quite simply: after the first flowering (around the end of May) take a pair of pruning shears. Use it to cut off the old inflorescences. The entire plant can be cut back by half with this pruning. She takes it with no problems.

In late summer, with a bit of luck, an interim application of fertilizer and an appropriate water supply, the pruning can lead to a second flowering. Although this is less lavish, it is still worth seeing.


If you want to experience a particularly rich bloom, you should plant the blue cushion in a full sun location. In the shade, it does not form a significant number of flowers.

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