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Blue cushions are valuable early bloomers that are attractive to bees. With their ground-covering growth, their delicate flowers and their undemanding nature, they convince many gardeners. Now only the planting has to be successful…

Blue cushions can be planted in spring or autumn

When is it time to plant the blue cushion?

Spring from March or autumn from October is a good time to plant the blue cushion. If you have the opportunity, plant it in the fall so that it is firmly rooted and can bloom profusely next spring.

Do you prefer a sunny or shady location?

The blue cushion originally comes from the Mediterranean region. There it is used to many sunny days. As a result, it also expects a lot of sun from its local location. It can also grow in semi-shade. It should not be planted in the shade. There it ages quickly and its flowers form in sparse numbers.

Where does the blue cushion come into its own?

You can plant the blue cushion in rock gardens like many other gardeners. There it feels in good hands and its low and dense growth creates beautiful accents around the stones. This perennial is also suitable for:

  • flower discounts
  • Perennial beds (in the foreground)
  • bed borders
  • plaster joints
  • dry stone walls
  • roadsides
  • slopes and embankments
  • window boxes

What properties should the substrate have?

Choose a well-drained substrate for the blue cushion! This perennial does not tolerate standing water. Proper drainage is therefore paramount. In addition, the soil should have a neutral pH and a high content of nutrients. Last but not least, this plant benefits from some lime.

Keep the substrate dry to moderately moist! Tap water can be used for watering without hesitation due to its lime tolerance. You are welcome to add some compost to the soil before planting the blue cushion.

Which plant neighbors are suitable?

Blue cushions can be wonderfully combined with other cushion-forming perennials. They also look handsome next to taller perennials. The following planting partners are suitable, among others:

  • yellow flowering stonecrop
  • goose cress
  • Red Soapwort
  • candytuft
  • gentian
  • chickweed
  • cushion carnation
  • cushion phlox
  • lungwort
  • crying heart
  • Bergenia

Which planting distance is recommended?

The blue cushion does not take up much space. Therefore, a distance of about 45 cm to other plants is sufficient. If you want to plant several blue cushions next to each other in groups, you can plant between 8 and 10 per square meter in the ground. The distance between the individual blue cushions should not be less than 20 cm.

Due to their carpet-like and ground-covering growth, blue cushions suppress weeds. If you plant them densely enough, little maintenance will be required later in terms of weeding.


When the blue cushion blooms in April, it is also the perfect time to propagate it by seed. Sowing is easy and promising.

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