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The cranesbill hybrid "Rozanne" is probably one of the most beautiful geranium varieties. The plant, which only grows to a height of 40 centimetres, develops an abundance of magnificent, bright violet-blue flowers, which are reliable and persistent from May to November. So that you too can look forward to the longest possible flowering period, you should regularly cut back faded shoots.

Cranesbill "Rozanne" grows very quickly and should be limited by pruning

Cut back vigorous "Rozanne" in late autumn

"Rozanne" is not only very floriferous, but also extremely vigorous. The shoots, which are up to 150 centimeters long, easily climb smaller trees such as shrub roses. For this reason, you should give this cranesbill variety as much space as possible, as it can crowd out other perennials if planted too close together. For the same reason, you should trim 'Rozanne' regularly so that it doesn't overgrow your garden. In late autumn, after the last flowering, cut back to just above the ground. This cut allows the rather loosely growing "Rozanne" to develop a denser and more compact habit.

"Rozanne" as a ground cover

Provided the long shoots of 'Rozanne' are supported, the plant can certainly grow skyward. However, with this growth form, it tends to fall apart quickly. "Rozanne", on the other hand, is much better suited as a ground cover, which feels very comfortable in sunny to partially shaded locations and soon covers larger areas there.

Remove spent flowers regularly

Although "Rozanne" naturally has a fairly long flowering period, this can be extended by regularly removing faded shoots. To do this, simply cut off the stems in question, and the resulting bare spots will quickly close up again. The pruning is also useful to encourage the plant to grow denser again and again.


In contrast to other cranesbill species, "Rozanne" has only proven to be partially winter-hardy and should therefore be covered with a loose frost protection made of spruce branches after the autumn pruning.

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