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The spindle shrub is ideal for planting a hedge. You can also combine it well with other plants. If you plant it on the property line, however, keep in mind that the spindle tree is very poisonous.

The spindle shrub is well suited as a hedge plant

This is particularly important when animals are allowed to run around freely in the neighboring garden or when small children are playing. Because even 30 to 40 fruits can be deadly for a person. In children, a much lower dose is dangerous.

How to plant a hedge

You are free to choose the shape of your hedge, whether it should be strictly symmetrical or a little looser. If you want to prevent baldness, we recommend a trapezoidal cut with an incline of about 10 - 20 cm. Ideally, the individual plants should be about 50 cm apart.

If you would like to plant a particularly high hedge, then give your spindle shrub a climbing aid to the side. It gives him more stability. Alternatively, you can let the spindle bush climb along a fence or wall. For tall hedges, generally choose tall growing varieties of the spindle tree.

How do you trim a hedge?

Hedge trimming is regulated by law in Germany, for example to protect birds nesting in it. From March to September you can only make gentle grooming cuts if you don't want to risk high fines. Federal states and municipalities may enact further regulations. If you are planning larger measures, then ask your municipality about the applicable rules beforehand.

Although the shape of a hedge is very important, you should first cut off the diseased branches and twigs to prevent diseases. If two branches are rubbing against each other, remove one of them. Then it's time for the shape cut.

In order to be able to cut the height evenly, stretch a clearly visible string at the desired height. When cutting a straight line freehand, most people make a mistake. So that the hedge does not look crooked, it often has to be trimmed again.

The essentials in brief:

  • use tall varieties
  • possibly climbing aid
  • cut regularly
  • observe laws


The spindle shrub also makes an excellent planted privacy screen.

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