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The spindle shrub is considered to be quite robust and is rarely attacked by diseases, but is quite likely to be affected by various pests. If you take immediate action against it, you will be able to enjoy your plant for a long time.

Some pests have specialized on the spindle bush

However, prevention is even better than any treatment. The ideal location and the right care will keep your spindle tree healthy and resilient. You can prevent mildew infestation by occasionally spraying with nettle broth or a solution of field horsetail.

Which pests occur in the spindle bush?

In addition to powdery mildew and the felt gall mite, which attack various plants, there are also pests that have "specialized" on the spindle bush. One is the euonymus spider moth and the other is the spindle tree scale insect. The felt gall mite and the spindle tree moth do not necessarily have to be combated, but the spindle tree scale and mildew do.

How do you treat an infested spindle bush?

If your spindle bush is heavily infested with the spindle tree scale insect, cut back the plant radically and destroy the affected parts of the plant. It is best to burn the plant cuttings. Dispose of it on the compost, then the pests can survive there and spread to other plants.

For a mild infestation, try your hand at an oil-based scale insect repellent and scrape off the visible lice. Many effective drugs have been withdrawn from the market because of their toxicity or for environmental reasons.

Agents containing silicic acid help against both powdery mildew and downy mildew. If necessary or if the infestation is very severe, you can also use fungicides (agents to combat fungi) to combat the wrong thing that occurs on the underside of the leaf.

In contrast to downy mildew, powdery mildew appears on the upper side of the leaf. Since it even survives the winter on the plant, you should definitely fight it. Remove any affected leaves and shoots and hosing the spindle with a mixture of water and milk every other day.

The most important pests in the spindle bush:

  • Spindle Tree Moth
  • felt gall mite
  • Spindle Tree Scale
  • powdery mildew
  • Wrong mildew


A shrub spun by the Spindle Spider Moth may look spooky, but suffers no permanent damage. He drives out again without any problems.

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