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False cypresses are well suited for growing as bonsai because they are very easy to cut. Another advantage is that almost all bonsai shapes can be designed. When caring for the cypress as a bonsai, you can follow the juniper, which requires very similar care.

False cypresses are ideal for growing as bonsai

How to prune bonsai false cypress

The pruning of the false cypress as a bonsai takes place regularly, as with all breeds. To be removed:

  • side shoots
  • shoot tips
  • root

If the cypress has several trunk-like shoots, you should remove all but the strongest. This allows the bonsai cypress to be pulled into a tree shape.

When topiary, trim the longer side shoots with scissors. Do not cut into the old wood, as this will damage the plant permanently.

Pluck off short shoot tips with your fingers. Warning: the cypress is poisonous. Therefore, only care for them with gloves.

Cut roots after repotting

The bonsai cypress is usually grown in a bowl. Every four to five years the tree has to be moved to a larger planter.

The best time is spring or September.

When repotting, you also cut down the roots, so that the growth of the cypress is slowed down.

Wiring is possible at any time

You can always wrap false cypresses into the desired shape with aluminum wire.

Wind the wire evenly from bottom to top. The wire must be tight enough to bend the branches in the right direction. You must not lay the wiring too tightly.

You should definitely remove the wire in May, since that is when the main growth of the trunk and branches begins.

Proper care of the bonsai cypress

The root ball should never dry out completely. The plant also does well if you mist it with water when it is dry.

However, do not use calcareous tap water for this, as this will cause unsightly stains on the leaves.

The bonsai cypress needs fertilizer regularly during the growing season. After repotting and during flowering, fertilizing is not necessary.


False cypresses can be cultivated outdoors as bonsai all year round. If the conifers are grown in bowls, they need winter protection. It is best to place the shell in a bed of peat.

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