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In most gardens, false cypresses stand in a columnar form, regardless of whether they are grown as a hedge or as a single plant. This form has proven to be particularly favorable in order to prevent the ornamental tree from becoming bare.

With a little imagination and planning, a false cypress can be given creative shape cuts

That is why the columnar shape is optimal

False cypresses are naturally quite narrow, but grow tall quickly. If you don't cut the conifers, there is a risk that they will become bare at the bottom and no longer offer any privacy after a few years.

There are several ways to cut the cypress into a pleasing and at the same time optimal shape. Popular shapes are:

  • column or cone
  • Bullet
  • straight hedge
  • bonsai

With a shape cut to the cone or to the column, the false cypress tapers upwards. This will give the lower branches enough light. They continue to sprout and ensure that the conifers remain nice and dense below.

Cut small cypresses into balls

If you want to beautify your garden with decorative cypress balls, plant varieties that naturally grow more rounded.

You should make a template out of cardboard for cutting. You can also get them from well-stocked garden shops.

If you want to grow the cypress as a bonsai, use additional winding wire to shape the plant.

Pull false cypresses as a straight hedge

Pruning a cypress tree straight is easy, but doesn't look as pretty. If you prefer such a hedge, attach guidelines so that the pruning is as straight as possible.

You can simply cut off false cypresses that are too high

If you have not pruned the cypresses regularly, it is no longer so easy to cut them into shape.

It has proven useful to simply cut them first. To do this, saw off the tips - if possible above eye level, because the top of the plant will be brown in the next few years.

Over time, however, new spikes will cover the brown spot. You can then cut them into the shape you want.


When cutting, be careful not to completely cut off the side shoots. There should always be a piece of needles about three centimeters long on the tree. Then the cypress will definitely sprout again here.

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