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Cornelian cherries are best propagated via cuttings or offshoots. However, since the trees grow very slowly, especially in the first few years, it takes many years before the fruit trees you have grown yourself bloom and even longer before they bear the first edible fruits.

For propagation, cuttings can be cut off after flowering of the cornelian cherry

The different methods of propagation

Cornelian cherries can be propagated in three ways:

  • cuttings
  • lowering
  • sowing

Propagating cornelian cherries by cuttings

Propagation by cuttings is quite easy and almost always works. Either cut off cuttings about 20 centimeters long after flowering or in winter.

Bevel cuttings cut in winter so that you don't accidentally plant the wood upside down.

Remove any remaining lower leaves.

Stick into the ground in place

You can put the cuttings in the ground in the desired spot in the summer. They will sprout roots there without much care.

You can also plant winter cuttings in the intended location if the ground is not frozen. Otherwise put them in small seed pots.(16.68€)

You can plant out the young plants in spring or autumn when enough roots have formed.

Propagation by sinkers

To lower, gently bend a lower branch down so that it touches the ground. Scratch the shoot wherever it rests directly on the ground and then pour some soil over it.

Anchor the sinker with tent pegs or stones. You can tell that the propagation by sinkers has worked by the fact that new shoots are growing out of the ground.

Cut off the resulting plants and place them in the desired location.

Sowing cornelian cherries is not recommended

Cornelian cherry seeds take up to two years to germinate. They need at least one frost period to overcome the germination inhibition.

It takes many years for a cornelian cherry to grow from a stone. For this reason, this method is not usually used.


The non-poisonous cornel cherries usually bloom before the forsythia. In the case of the fruit tree, also known as yellow dogwood, the blossoms appear first and only then the leaves.

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