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You can't go far wrong when planting cornelian cherries. The tree, also known as the yellow dogwood, is robust against diseases and completely undemanding. This applies to both location and maintenance. Tips for planting the fruit tree.

The cornel loves the sun and should be planted in as bright a location as possible

Which location is optimal?

The sunnier the location, the better. Cornelian cherries also thrive in semi-shade. The place shouldn't be completely dark.

What should the soil be like?

The cornel makes hardly any demands on the soil. She likes it slightly calcareous, but also tolerates poor soil. If you mix in some compost before planting, that is quite sufficient. Avoid waterlogging.

When is the best planting time?

Plant cornelian cherries either in autumn or in spring.

How is the cornel planted?

Cornelian cherries are flat-rooted. Dig a planting hole large enough to accommodate the root ball. If necessary, shorten the roots slightly.

Plant the cornel so that the root ball is completely covered with soil.

What planting distance must be observed?

For solitary plants, you should keep about half the growth width. Cornelian cherries can grow up to six meters high, so a planting distance of about three meters is ideal.

When planting as a hedge, you can plant the cornel a little more densely. Make sure, however, that the young plants are not overwhelmed by other hedge plants.

When does the cornel blossom?

Depending on the weather, cornelian cherries bloom from February to April.

When do the fruits ripen?

Depending on the variety, you can harvest the edible fruits from the end of August. The first harvest is usually only after more than five years.

How are Cornus cherries propagated?

  • offshoot
  • cuttings
  • sowing

Can cornel cherries be transplanted?

That is not advisable. After transplanting, the cornelian cherry needs several years before it blooms again.

With which plants do cornelian cherries get along well?

Plant ground cover such as ferns or hostas under the cornus. Spring flowers such as crocuses are also suitable.

Are cornelian cherries hardy?

Cornelian cherries are absolutely hardy. They get by without any winter protection.


The cornelian cherry is monoecious and pollinates itself. However, if you want to harvest the fruit, you should plant at least two cornelian cherries. This increases the yield considerably.

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