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The heat-loving aloe vera can easily be left in the apartment all year round. The easy-care plant tolerates dry heating air, needs little water and practically no fertilizer. Cool hibernation helps your aloe vera to flower.

Aloe vera must be brought indoors in winter

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) is an easy-care indoor plant for sunny locations. It is a leafy succulent and, thanks to its storage organs, is able to do without water for a long time. It is ideal for south-facing windows, where more sensitive plants could not survive.

Aloe vera likes it warm and dry

The plant, which is native to tropical and subtropical regions, cannot tolerate two things: waterlogging and cold. Therefore, plant your aloe vera in a permeable mixture of soil and sand with a drainage layer in the planter. Water rarely, but vigorously and make sure that the water can drain off well.

Keep aloe vera cool over the winter

When overwintering aloe vera, you should also observe the following care tips:

  • even temperatures below 5° C can damage aloe vera,
  • bring outside plants indoors by September at the latest,
  • Overwintering at a cool 10-15° C promotes flowering,
  • only water during hibernation when the soil is completely dry,
  • do not fertilize.


When exposed to strong sunlight, the leaves of the aloe turn reddish to brown, when the sun fades, the leaves turn green again.

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