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Once a year bearded flowers need a strong pruning. Only then can many flowers develop. You can be generous when pruning, as the shrubs can even tolerate being cut down to the ground. Tips for cutting beard flowers.

A pruning promotes the flowering of the beard flower

Beard flowers bloom on one-year-old wood

The flowers of the whisker develop in the leaf axils of new shoots. No flowers grow at all on older branches. It therefore makes no sense to leave older shoots standing.

Cutting back the beard flowers is also useful because it promotes the formation of shoots in the shrub. The bearded beard grows more compact by cutting and develops significantly more flowers.

The pruning also ensures that the plant stays in shape.

Cut back in spring

The best time to prune beard flowers is early spring. As soon as the temperatures no longer drop below freezing, you can use a knife or scissors.

In the case of beard flowers, which you care for in the bucket, the pruning takes place when you get the bushes out of the winter quarters.

You can't do much wrong when pruning the beard flower. The plant also doesn't mind if you cut down to the old wood. They should:

  • Cut off all old shoots
  • Remove dead shoots completely
  • Thin out the plant

How to cut the beard flower

Shorten the shrub to a third of the growth height. The bearded beard will also sprout if you cut it down to ten centimetres. Some gardening experts even recommend cutting them back to the ground.

In any case, you should cut back all dead or frozen shoots completely.

If the shrub is very dense, it is advisable to provide light and cut out some of the weaker shoots.

Fertilize a little after pruning

Beard flowers need little nutrients outdoors. If you fertilize them immediately after cutting, that is quite sufficient.

Rose fertilizer (€12.86) is very suitable as fertilizer.

Cut cuttings for propagation

Beard flowers can be propagated by seed or cuttings. In order to obtain pure breeding, it is better to grow new beard flowers from leaf or axillary cuttings.

Cut off the cuttings at a slight angle in June or July with a sharp knife. Remove the lower leaves and place them in slightly moist potting soil.

Cut back mustard flowers in fall

If you are very bothered by the faded shoots of the beard flower, you can cut the shrub back completely in autumn before the first frost.

However, you should definitely spread a mulch layer of leaves or straw over the planting site afterwards. Beard flowers are only partially hardy and need suitable winter protection outdoors.


Use sharp knives or pruning shears to trim beard flowers.(17.82€) This will prevent the cuts from fraying and allowing bacteria to enter. Clean all cutters beforehand to avoid spreading disease.

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