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Of the estimated 5,000 different chrysanthemum varieties, only a few are actually hardy. The chrysanthemums in pots that are offered everywhere in autumn are usually not and should therefore not be planted out for the time being. We have researched for you and put together some proven chrysanthemums in a clear manner.

Only a few chrysanthemum varieties are really hardy

Not all chrysanthemums are hardy

In fact, the varieties of the autumn chrysanthemum, also known as winter aster or gold flower, are usually hardy. This flowers in autumnal shades of yellow, orange, brown and red, but also in white, pink or violet. But it is not only its bright colors that make this flowering shrub so popular, the shape of the flowers also differs. In addition to daisy-like, radiating flower shapes, there are also semi-double and double autumn chrysanthemums.

Even hardy chrysanthemums need light protection

Hardy, however, does not mean that autumn chrysanthemums can remain completely unnoticed in the garden throughout the winter. Caution is advised, especially in wet winters, because the perennial is very sensitive to winter moisture. You should also cut back the faded plant in late autumn to just above the ground and protect it from the cold with the clippings and some leaves. Additional winter protection makes sense when the temperature drops below about 10 °C.

Hardy chrysanthemum varieties

In the table below we have put together a number of tried and tested hardy chrysanthemum varieties for you. If you are unsure about a new purchase: Older chrysanthemums that have been cultivated in local latitudes for decades or even centuries are usually extremely hardy.

variety flower color heyday growth height
goldmarianne golden yellow September October 50 to 70 cm
Little Amber yellow-brown October to November 80 cm
Mei Kyo violet pink September to October 50 to 60 cm
Icebear white, lemon yellow center September to November up to 50 cm
White bouquet White September to October 80 to 110 cm
Isabel pink yellow-pink September October 80 cm
Vreneli copper October to November 70 to 90 cm
mist rose silver pink October to November 80 cm
Order star gold bronze August to November 90 cm
Salmon Cloud Red August to November 80 cm
Red Julchen pink September to October up to 50 cm
Emperor of China pink October to November up to 60 cm
lifting violet October to November 70 cm


If possible, chrysanthemums should only be planted out in spring or early summer. Experience has shown that specimens planted out in autumn often do not survive the winter.

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