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The colorful, but very late blooming chrysanthemums are usually the last dabs of color in the autumn garden. However, the popular flowers are not always hardy, because many varieties need protection from the cold during the cold season. This applies in particular to the flowers, because they turn brown and dry up in frost. With our tips, however, you can get your chrysanthemums through the winter well.

Some chrysanthemum varieties don't mind frost at all

Hardy chrysanthemums

Not all of the approximately 5000 chrysanthemum varieties are hardy, many are only hardy or even very sensitive. If you are explicitly looking for a chrysanthemum for the garden, it is best to choose autumn chrysanthemums. Also known as winter asters or gold flowers, these bushes are usually very hardy to frost and need little protection. In general, late-flowering varieties are also considered to be more robust.

Overwintering chrysanthemums in the garden

Hardy or hardy chrysanthemums are cut back to just a hand's breadth above the ground immediately after they have faded. Then cover the planting area with a thick layer of brushwood, leaves and/or clippings. However, you should be particularly careful in very wet winters, because chrysanthemums do not tolerate winter moisture.

Do not plant chrysanthemums in autumn

Even if it is a hardy variety according to the label: Never plant bought chrysanthemums in autumn! These plants usually do not survive the winter. The best time to plant chrysanthemums is spring or early summer.

Bring pot chrysanthemums into the house

In contrast to hardy chrysanthemums, potted chrysanthemums definitely belong in the house. There they hibernate best under cold house conditions at about five to ten degrees Celsius, although the location does not necessarily have to be bright. Water the potted chrysanthemums occasionally, but do not fertilize. If there is a lack of space, under certain circumstances it is also possible to spend the winter on the balcony or outdoors.


Hardy pot chrysanthemums are best overwintered by burying the pot and the cut plant in a sheltered spot in the garden.

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