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The yellow daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus), also known as daffodils, are becoming increasingly rare in wild populations, but they are often planted in the garden as particularly colorful spring flowers. If the perennial bulb flowers are planted correctly, they require little care.

Daffodils are best planted in a moist, sunny spot

When and how are daffodils planted?

Since the sowing of the daffodils, apart from the self-sowing of existing plants, hardly plays a role for hobby gardeners, daffodils are usually settled in the garden as bulbs. Bulbs can be planted in late spring for flowering the following year, but September or October is better. The daffodil bulbs should be planted at a distance of about three times the bulb height from the soil surface to be protected from drying out.

Which location do the daffodils prefer?

In contrast to tulips, daffodils can also cope relatively well with rather wet meadows in spring, provided the terrain is not directly swampy and permanently damp. Daffodils prefer a sunny location with sufficiently humus-rich and nutrient-rich soil.

Can daffodils be grown in a pot?

Daffodils can also be grown as potted plants for the windowsill. Add some sand to the substrate and provide the pot with drainage holes and a saucer to prevent damage from waterlogging. Faded plants can be planted in a garden bed after flowering without cutting off the leaves, so that they may flower again next year or the year after that. Never store daffodil bulbs in the house or basement without labeling them, as they are poisonous and eating them can cause serious damage to your health.

When is the best time to transplant daffodils?

Transplanting in autumn is the most gentle for the plants, when the plant is more or less in a dormant phase and all the energy reserves for the following year have already been stored in the bulb.

How are daffodils propagated?

Daffodils reproduce vegetatively by growing new bulbs underground, but also through seeds. In a good location in the garden, stocks can spread considerably over time, largely without care.

When do daffodils bloom?

As the name suggests, daffodils usually bloom around Easter in the months of March and April.

Which soil is optimal for daffodils?

The soil for daffodils should be as follows:

  • sufficiently moist, but without permanent waterlogging
  • humus rich and permeable
  • not too loamy


Sometimes, after a period of three or four years, the daffodils in a garden bed can become lazy and only grow leaves and no flowers. As a countermeasure, you can carefully dig up the bulbs and detach the seed bulbs from the mother bulbs. Improve the soil immediately with long-term fertilizing compost before replanting the bulbs with some spacing between them.

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