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With hanging baskets, you can let indoor and outdoor areas bloom where there is actually no space for colorful floral decorations. Unlike bulky floor pots, the hanging baskets simply hang from the ceiling. That solves the space problem - beautifully if you use the right plants. First, however, it is important to find the best hanging basket for your needs. With our buying guide and recommendations we will help you!

Hanging flowers are a beautiful detail

Our recommendations

our recommendation
Lechuza 15193 Nido Cottage hanging basket, high-quality plastic, including irrigation system and stainless steel suspension, for indoor and outdoor use, granite
EUR 24.90 To the product
material plastic
color granite
style Rattan look, modern
size Ø27x23 cm
suspension incl. Yes
irrigation system Yes

Amazon reviewers are absolutely delighted with the processing quality of the Lechuza hanging basket (€11.99). In addition to the stability, the chic rattan look is often praised. The first-class stainless steel suspension is also convincing. It has a high load capacity of up to 15 kilograms.

our recommendation
Emsa 508684 hanging bowl for balcony, glazed ceramic look, ruby red, 5.5 L
10.31 EUR To the product
material plastic
color Ruby red
style Glazed ceramic look, modern
size Ø26x19 cm
suspension incl. Yes
irrigation system Yes

The hanging bowl from Emsa impresses buyers on Amazon in particular with its elegant appearance. It is described as a real eye-catcher. As far as the quality of the material is concerned, most reviewers are also completely satisfied. It should be as weatherproof as advertised by the manufacturer.

our recommendation
TS Blumenampel, Cera-Mix planter Nova, frost-resistant and lightweight, concrete, 25x25x12 cm, 136462
EUR 8.95 To the product
material plastic
color Gray
style rustic look, modern
size Ø25x12cm
suspension incl. Yes
irrigation system Yes

Just like our other two comparison winners, the hanging basket from TS leaves nothing to be desired, either functionally or visually, if you consider the experiences of numerous Amazon reviewers. Only because of the smallest size is the model in 3rd place.

Purchase Criteria


plastic: Plastic hanging baskets are very popular with gardeners. They are characterized by their breaking strength and light weight. In addition, they are mostly UV-resistant and available in many colors and shapes at reasonable prices.

wood: If the indoor or outdoor area that you want to decorate with a hanging basket is furnished in a classic-rustic style, we recommend using models made of or with wood - this way you achieve a harmonious overall picture. Wooden traffic lights radiate naturalness, warmth and elegance. They are very robust, but also more expensive and require more maintenance than hanging baskets made of plastic or metal.

rattan: Braided rattan hanging baskets combine an elegant, natural look with modern creativity. They are made of real and synthetically manufactured (polyrattan) wicker material.

pottery: Ceramic hanging baskets look particularly classy. However, keep in mind that these models are relatively heavy and highly prone to breakage.

Glass: Hanging baskets made of glass combine modernity with purist elegance. Unfortunately, like ceramic traffic lights, they break as soon as they fall to the ground.

metal: Metal hanging baskets are available in various versions, for example as a very simple aluminum container, as a striking iron model or as an antique-looking brass version. Basically, metal hanging baskets impress with their pronounced resilience. They are virtually indestructible - only rust could become a problem (if not cared for properly).


Hanging baskets come in a variety of colors. Here is an overview of frequently requested and occurring tones:

  • black
  • White
  • Gray
  • terracotta
  • gold

But you can also choose from brightly colored hanging baskets in red, yellow, orange, green or blue.


Modern: Most hanging baskets on the market have a modern design - in other words, they are quite simple and straightforward. They are usually made of plastic, glass or metal. In terms of color and design, however, you can enjoy a wide range of options.

Vintage: Above all, wooden, rattan and metal hanging baskets are partly designed in an almost permanently trendy vintage look, i.e. with intentional signs of wear. They have a raw, rustic charm.

Antique: Do you see yourself as a romantic, nostalgic and lover of the playful, sensual and beautiful? Then you should buy antique hanging baskets with fine curlicues, patterns and decorations. These designs are commonly made of metal, but sometimes made of wood or ceramic.


It is important that the plants in your hanging basket have enough space to develop. Therefore, you must either adjust the hanging basket to the plant(s) in advance - or adapt the plants to the hanging basket you have bought afterwards. In addition, you should also adjust the size of the flower pot to the respective location. Traffic lights that are too bulky in a narrow or low area often have an overwhelming effect.


The bowls of most hanging baskets have a diameter of 20 to 45 centimetres.

irrigation system

Most of the hanging baskets have a practical watering system (€32.95) that allows them to catch excess water. There are also versions with holes in the bottom. For such specimens, you should always buy a cachepot as well.


The hanging basket comes with ropes (often macrame) or chains, which are attached to a hook on the ceiling. When buying, make sure that as many utensils as possible that are required to assemble the hanging basket are included in the scope of delivery (hooks, possibly also tools).


If you live in your apartment or house for rent, it is also advisable to buy a hanging basket that you can attach without drilling.

frequently asked Questions

What is a hanging basket?

A hanging basket is a planter for hanging on the wall or - more commonly - on the ceiling. It consists of two parts: ropes or chains are stretched over the bowl provided for the plants.

You can hang hanging baskets both inside (living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, bathroom) near windows and outside on the balcony, terrace or in a covered area of the garden.

Which brands offer high-quality hanging baskets?

In Bauhaus stores such as OBI, Dehner, Hornbach and Bauhaus, in furniture stores such as Ikea and of course at Amazon, there are a variety of hanging baskets from different brands. The models from Elho, Luxbon, Lechuza, Gardman and Emooqi are popular.

How much does a hanging basket cost?

The cheapest hanging baskets are available from around six euros. Many manufacturers offer their traffic lights in sets consisting of a flower pot and ropes/chains for hanging. Alternatively, the planters and suspensions can be purchased individually. On average you pay between 15 and 30 euros for the combination of vessel and suspension.

How can I make a macrame hanging basket myself?

This video, which can be received free of charge, provides you with clear instructions on how you, even as a beginner in the art of knotting, can make a pretty macrame hanging basket suspension:


Which plants are suitable for the hanging basket?

In view of the type of attachment, hanging and climbing plants are particularly recommended for hanging baskets. Herbs and some fruits can also be planted in it. Here is an exemplary overview of the most suitable plant species for hanging baskets:

  • petunias
  • fuchsias
  • hanging geraniums
  • hanging carnations
  • violet
  • pansies
  • ivy
  • hanging bamboo
  • oregano
  • strawberries

How do I properly care for hanging baskets and plants?

Since the hanging basket hangs high, watering the plants is of course more difficult than with floor-standing pots or typical balcony beds. You need a little finesse - and at best a watering can with a curved neck.

The plants are exposed to the daily struggle with wind and weather. They often need more water than flowers in free-standing tubs and large flower boxes (€16.99) because they cannot store the liquid elixir of life for as long and dry out more quickly due to the more intense sunlight. So make sure you water the plants living in the hanging baskets regularly, but never excessively vigorously. This ensures that the plants neither dry up nor become waterlogged.

Basically, you should attach your hanging baskets securely to the wall or ceiling, after all, the hanging planters are exposed to numerous influences, which they have to withstand, especially outdoors.



You don't necessarily have to buy a hanging basket set consisting of a pot and suspension. If you already have suitable pots, it is also sufficient to simply order suitable chains/ropes.

our recommendation
Luxbon Set of 4 Macrame Hanging Baskets Cotton Rope Hanging Planter Flower Pot Plant Holder Hanger for Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Balcony Wall Decor - 41 Inch, 4 Legs
14.99 EUR To the product

Watering can with a curved trunk

A watering can with a curved spout makes it easier for you to water the plants in the hanging basket, which is a little more difficult. The special shape makes it easier to get into the pot and allows you to dose the watering better.

our recommendation
Schulte-Ufer 3034 Venice watering can, 1.00 l
34.99 EUR To the product


For a hanging basket with holes, you also need a planter. Otherwise, it will constantly drip onto the floor from above, resulting in unsightly water stains and wet feet.

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