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With a chainsaw, you make a lot of gardening work easier, both in terms of effort and time. You can find out which variants are available and which criteria you should pay attention to when buying in our article. We also provide you with several recommendations for good devices.

Not all chainsaws are created equal

Our recommendations

our recommendation
McCulloch CS 410 Elite petrol chainsaw, chainsaw with 1600 W motor, 38 cm bar length, combined start-stop switch (item no. 00096-66.316.15)
323.83 EUR To the product
operating mode petrol
sword length 38 cm
sawing speed 23m/s
Weight 4.7kg
chain tension tool-free
sound pressure level 115dB

Amazon reviewers are very enthusiastic about this powerful petrol chainsaw. Most buyers use the device regularly and praise the absolutely satisfactory results in a wide variety of jobs - whether cutting branches, removing storm damage or felling trees. The sawing speed and the easy handling of the light chain saw also convince the customers.

our recommendation
scheppach petrol chainsaw CSH46 2.7 hp - displacement: 46cm³ | Cutting length: 46cm | Oregon chain and quality sword | including hand protection and system brake
105.00 EUR To the product
operating mode petrol
sword length 16"
sawing speed 21.65m/s
Weight 6kg
chain tension with tool
sound pressure level 114dB

When it comes to the petrol chainsaw from Scheppach, the Amazon reviewers particularly emphasize the excellent price-performance ratio. The fact that the tool-free chain tensioning, which is almost standard nowadays, is not seen as a problem by very few people, especially since the saw chain apparently only rarely needs to be retensioned. It is practical that this inexpensive chainsaw can be put into operation quickly and effortlessly, even by beginners.

our recommendation
Einhell petrol chainsaw GC-PC 1435 I TC (OREGON quality bar and chain, tool-free chain tensioning and chain change, auto-choke and primer, including bar guard)
119.69 EUR To the product
operating mode petrol
sword length 35 cm
sawing speed 21m/s
Weight 6.76kg
chain tension tool-free
sound pressure level 114dB

Similar to the Scheppach model, the combination of low price and high-quality workmanship is also impressive with this petrol chainsaw from Einhell. Some reviewers even say they were surprised by the high quality given the low cost. This version is particularly recommended for lighter applications - if only because of the average sword length.

Purchase Criteria

operating mode

electric: For normal garden use - i.e. for pruning and felling fruit trees - an electric chainsaw with an output of 1,300 watts is quite sufficient. The advantages are the uncomplicated use and the lower price compared to petrol chainsaws. However, you need an accessible power connection and must always pay attention to the power cable when operating the chainsaw in order to avoid accidents. The cable also severely limits the range at times - perhaps too much in a medium-sized to large garden.

our recommendation
Einhell electric chainsaw GH-EC 1835 (1800 watts, 325 mm cutting length, Oregon chain and quality sword, recoil protection and chain catch bolt)
67.10 EUR To the product

battery pack: What sounds pleasant in theory often turns out to be quite uncomfortable in practice. With most battery-powered (and therefore cordless) chainsaws, the battery dies after one or two hours at most and then has to be recharged for several hours. Purchasing and using a cordless chainsaw only makes sense with a (charged) second battery. In terms of performance or engine power, it generally performs worse than electric and petrol chainsaws. Thus, battery versions usually only harmonize with smaller green oases.

our recommendation
Bosch cordless chainsaw Universalchain 18 (1 battery, 18 volt system, in a box)
230.46 EUR To the product

petrol: For demanding hobby and professional gardeners, basically only a petrol-powered chainsaw comes into question. It delivers by far the strongest performance. In addition, it has no cable that could become a tripping hazard. Due to the great advantages, they usually cost more than electric and cordless chainsaws. Important: If you choose a petrol-powered model, you should use it with care, for your own safety and because of the environmental impact that you should not underestimate. Gasoline chainsaws are also very noisy.

teeth of the saw chain

half chisel: Most chainsaws reveal semi-chisel incisors. These have rounded cutting edges and are characterized on the one hand by a low kickback effect and on the other hand by minimal material removal.

full chisel: Full chisel cutting teeth are only found on professional chainsaws with larger cutting widths. They are not required for use in private gardens.

sword length

In principle, the sword should be at least 35 cm long in order to be able to work sensibly. For particularly thick trees, you even need a sword length of at least 40 to 50 centimeters.

sawing speed

The higher the sawing speed, the faster you will finish your gardening work. Most manufacturers specify this feature in meters per second. A good guideline is 17 to 18 meters per second.


Buy a chainsaw that is easy and comfortable to use. To do this, it is best to read through the experiences of other users of your desired version. The following features are significant and/or a convenient extra:

  • ergonomic handles
  • lowest possible weight (not at the expense of quality!)
  • low-effort commissioning
  • tool-free tensioning (tension the chain tighter using the knob without additional tools)
  • Chain brake (prevents the chain from overrunning, essential for your safety)

Specific criteria depending on the type of drive

Depending on whether you choose an electric, cordless or petrol chainsaw, you should check a few specific features.

Electrical: power in watts, cable length
Battery: battery capacity, presence of a second battery
Petrol: catalytic converter, tank volume, noise level

frequently asked Questions

What is a chainsaw?

The chainsaw is a versatile garden tool. Here is an overview of some typical work that you can do with such a saw:

  • cut off branches
  • cut down trees
  • Remove storm damage
  • cutting firewood

Petrol-powered professional chainsaws are also used for forest work.

The most important characteristic of the chainsaw is the multi-link saw chain, which is driven by an electric or petrol engine and rotates on the saw bar. With a high-quality chainsaw, you can actually cut through entire tree trunks in just a few seconds.

How is a chainsaw constructed?

The heart of every chainsaw is the motor. This is covered by a robust plastic housing. The latter usually has two handles (one on top, one on the back) so that the device can be held and guided easily.

The electric or petrol motor is connected to an elongated metal bar, which is often referred to as a blade or sword. A groove runs along the edges of the rail. The saw chain must be placed and clamped in this. The rail usually has a deflection star at the front. This reduces friction.

The saw chain has sharp saw teeth on the outside. It is driven by the engine via a so-called centrifugal clutch. It is extremely important to lubricate the chain regularly with oil so that it does not wear out too quickly.


Saw chains consist of 76 links riveted together, divided into drive, connecting and cutting links. The names already provide information about which tasks the individual members essentially have to fulfil.

Which brands offer good chainsaws?

Some of the best-known and most trusted chainsaw brands include:

  • Stihl
  • Dolmar
  • Husqvarna
  • Bosch
  • unanimously
  • Fuxtec
  • Scheppach
  • goodness
  • McCulloch
  • Makita
  • Oregon


Sometimes you can get cheap chainsaws from discounters like Aldi and Lidl. Otherwise, hardware stores such as OBI and Hornbach and, of course, Amazon are good places to go to buy the best chainsaw for your needs. The Amazon marketplace and eBay give you the opportunity to order used chainsaws from top brands at correspondingly lower prices. You can also rent high-performance equipment from hardware stores if they are intended for a one-off campaign.

How much does a chainsaw cost?

Electric chainsaws from well-known brands such as Einhell are available from around 60 euros. Even simple battery and petrol models are now available from around 80 euros. For very high-quality versions and petrol-powered professional chainsaws, however, you should assume a sum in the mid to high three-digit range.

our recommendation
Dolmar PS6100/53 PS-6100 petrol chainsaw 53cm /3/8", Arancione
880.99 EUR To the product

Is there a chainsaw test by Stiftung Warentest?

Yes, the last chainsaw comparison was carried out by Stiftung Warentest in September 2013. The consumer magazine tested twelve models (five petrol, four electric and three cordless chainsaws).


protective clothing

The chainsaw is a dangerous tool that can cause very serious injuries. You should therefore always wear suitable protective clothing when working with the device. This includes:

  • cut resistant gloves
  • saw protection pants
  • safety shoes
  • Helmet with visor
our recommendation
Cut protection glove forestry glove, white orange 10(L)
16.96 EUR To the product our recommendation
Stihl trousers Function Universal 2022
To the product our recommendation
Oregon Yukon Rubber Safety Boots, Protective Boots for Chainsaw Work, 295385/43
55.69 EUR To the product our recommendation
Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Ear Muff and Mesh Visor, Impact Resistant Comfortable Hard Hat Safety Gear (562412)
27.42 EUR To the product


The chainsaw can only achieve its full performance with a sharp saw chain. With regular use, it becomes progressively duller. From time to time you have to sharpen them (or have them sharpened) in order to achieve optimal sawing results in the long term. For this purpose, simply get yourself a sharpening device.

our recommendation
Einhell saw chain sharpener GC-CS 85 E (85 W, 5500 min-1, grinding angle setting with scale, chain tensioning device, depth limiter including grinding wheel)
29.31 EUR To the product

Here's how to properly sharpen your chainsaw:


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