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The search for a lawn sprinkler for a sports field does not have to take too long. Whether it's a golf course, soccer field or another green sports facility: the grass needs enough water to keep it from drying out. Depending on the size and water requirement, different sprinklers can be used. You can find out which species are ideal when and where in our article.

Sprinklers with a long range should be used on sports fields

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  1. Types of lawn sprinklers for a sports field
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Types of lawn sprinklers for a sports field

    The following lawn sprinkler types are primarily recommended for sports fields:

    • circular sprinkler
    • impact sprinkler
    • large area sprinkler
    • gear sprinkler


    Each of these four types enables the essential 360-degree irrigation. This feature ensures that the sports field is irrigated all around.

    circular sprinkler

    our recommendation
    GARDENA Premium impulse, circular and sector sprinkler head: large area sprinkler for tripod or pipe, watering large areas up to 490 m², throw range 5 to max. 12.5 m (8137-20)
    26.05 EUR To the product
    • ideal for smaller sports fields
    • also known as a sector sprinkler
    • simply position it in a suitable spot on the pitch
    • connect to hose for water supply
    • Nozzles on the head mostly adjustable (to vary the direction of the water jet)
    • some different programs can be set
    • Range can usually be regulated via the water pressure
    • in some versions, the sector (angle) can be limited
    • Stability may be insufficient
    • if several sprinklers are coupled, there is a risk of double sprinkling (damages the lawn)

    impact sprinkler

    our recommendation
    Cellfast pulsation sprinkler, lawn sprinkler, impulse sprinkler LUX for watering areas up to 530 m², solid metal, circular sprinkler 360°, 52-160
    18.37 EUR To the product
    • ideal for golf courses, soccer fields and large sports fields in general
    • Also known as an impact or impulse sprinkler
    • achieve extraordinary ranges
    • Range and sector can usually be set individually
    • fairly stable with a ground spike or tripod
    • easy installation (placement on the lawn and connection to hose)
    • recurring impact noise can get annoying over time
    • if several sprinklers are coupled, there is a risk of double irrigation

    large area sprinkler

    • ideal for winding sports fields
    • often relatively large
    • electronic control with battery operation
    • different ranges can be set as required
    • usually extensively programmable in terms of range, sector and water volume
    • fairly stable due to ground spike
    • often not sinkable
    • maintenance-intensive and susceptible to repairs as well as expensive due to electronics
    • more complex in terms of installation and use
    • Coupling is difficult to implement

    gear sprinkler

    our recommendation
    Rain Bird 5004 plus PL-PC-3.0 pop-up sprinkler / gear sprinkler with "Flow-Shut-Off" - PROFESSIONAL GARDEN IRRIGATION
    EUR 14.90 To the product
    • suitable for most sports fields
    • also known as pop-up sprinklers
    • Complex installation (pipes have to be laid underground)
    • hardly visible at all outside of operating hours
    • Lawnmower easily gets over the cover
    • Water pressure automatically lifts the devices out of the ground
    • Sprinklers lower themselves back into the lawn after the tap is turned off
    • Range and sector can usually be set individually
    • Extremely stable due to the sunken installation with tripod
    • Coupling requires precise pre-planning
    • regular maintenance required

    Other purchase criteria

    Depending on the sports field, certain sprinkler types are more suitable than others. You should always clarify this aspect first. Then you can also take a closer look at the following criteria:

    • Range
    • material
    • foot/base


    our recommendation
    Gardena sprinkler system AquaContur automatic large-area pop-up sprinkler: Lawn sprinkler for watering irregularly shaped lawns up to 350 m², 25 - 360 degree irrigation sector (1559-29)
    274.00 EUR To the product

    One of the most important points when buying a lawn sprinkler for the sports field is that the sprinkler covers the required range.


    Measure demand before ordering a sprinkler.


    Lawn sprinklers (€26.95) for sports fields should be as robust and durable as possible so that they rarely have to be replaced. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer to buy models made of metal. These are extremely durable and stable.

    In contrast, plastic versions cost less, but also have a shorter lifespan.

    If it is just a small private sports field, you can still use plastic lawn sprinklers with a clear conscience, especially since they are easy to clean and do not rust.


    A lot is demanded of a lawn sprinkler for the sports field. In order for him to be able to perform to his full potential, he should stand in a stable position. A ground spike or tripod ensures high stability. A wide and/or heavy body also contributes to this.

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