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The line spool is a crucial part of the brushcutter. It houses the thread that you use to shorten or cut away blades of grass and light bushes. In our short guide you will find out what you need to consider when buying a replacement or changing the line spool - because sooner or later wear and tear will occur.

The line spool is a wear part that must be replaced from time to time

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  1. Types of line spools for brushcutters
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. frequently asked Questions
  4. Types of line spools for brushcutters

    Basically, there are two types of line spools for brushcutters:

    • normal thread spool
    • Line spool with Tip(p) automatic

    Normal line spool

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    Black+Decker fully automatic single line spool (for grass trimmers 10 m length, 1.5 mm line diameter) A6481
    EUR 6.95 To the product

    The normal line spool is installed in the line head of the brushcutter or is usually synonymous with it. It reveals the rolled-up cutting thread, which is usually made of plastic (nylon) and is characterized by its thin shape and enormous flexibility. If this thread needs to be replaced, you have to wind up the replacement yourself.


    In our article on the line head, we describe how the line head works, including the spool and line.

    Line spool with Tip(p) automatic

    our recommendation
    Nemaxx 3X FS1 line spool with automatic jog, double line head for petrol brush cutter - grass trimmer line head, brush cutter grass cutter, accessories replacement spool - orange
    10.58 EUR To the product

    The line spool with Tip(p) automatic is constructed in the same way as the classic version - but comes with a practical semi-automatic: To check whether there is still some line in the spool, you only have to tap the brush cutter briefly on the ground. If possible, the line spool then automatically unwinds new line.

    Other purchase criteria

    When buying a new line spool for the brush cutter, it is important that it harmonises perfectly with the device, i.e. it should ideally come from the same manufacturer. In addition, it should be of high quality and therefore stable.

    frequently asked Questions

    When do I need to replace the line spool in the brushcutter?

    If the cutting performance suddenly leaves a lot to be desired, i.e. long blades of grass are left behind or there is simply not much to do when trimming light bushes, we advise you to take a closer look at the line spool or the line:

    • Has the thread torn on one or both sides?
    • Are only short pieces or stubs of the thread still visible?
    • Is the line spool broken?

    If you can answer 'yes' to at least one of these questions, it is time to replace the line or the entire line spool.


    In most cases it is sufficient to simply change the thread - either completely manually or with the help of the Tip(p) automatic, depending on the model. Changing the entire line spool is only necessary if the "old" version seems defective in any way or the manufacturer of the spool or brushcutter does not offer replacement lines.

    How do I replace the line spool on the brushcutter?

    How to replace the line spool varies slightly by model

    Take the used line spool or the worn line head out of the brushcutter and insert the replacement. The exact procedure should actually be readable in the instructions for use for the brushcutter. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Normally, the change is fairly quick and very easy.

    How much does a replacement brushcutter line spool cost?

    Analyzing the prices for replacement line spools has shown that the majority of the versions cost between ten and 20 euros - depending on the manufacturer, the quality and the scope of delivery (single spool or set).

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