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As the name suggests, electric brushcutters are driven electrically by a motor. The devices are ideal helpers in overgrown gardens. In our short guide we will tell you what types there are and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Weight is an important factor when purchasing

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  1. Types of electric brushcutters
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. frequently asked Questions
  4. Types of electric brushcutters

    There are two types of electric brushcutters:

    • battery-powered brushcutters
    • Brushcutters with power cord

    Battery-powered brushcutters

    our recommendation
    Bosch Elektro Freischenider brush cutter AFS 23-37 (950 W, cutting circle Ø: 23 cm (knife), 37 cm (line), line Ø: 3.5 mm, in box)
    116.95 EUR To the product

    A cordless brushcutter has a battery that you need to charge regularly. Depending on the battery capacity, the operating time is shorter or longer, which affects the range as a result.

    Unlike a "cable" brushcutter, you enjoy full freedom of movement when cutting with a battery-powered tool. On the other hand, a battery model normally has a slightly lower performance.

    For whom? Hobby gardeners with a maximum medium-sized green oasis make a good choice with a battery-operated device because it is practical.

    Brushcutters with power cord

    our recommendation
    Ikra Elektro Sense lawn scythe IES 1000 C cutting circle 37 cm 1,000 W incl. line spool thicket knife shoulder strap, W, 230 V
    100.89 EUR To the product

    As far as performance is concerned, a corded brush cutter is generally ahead of the cordless versions. In addition, the sometimes annoying battery charging is no longer necessary.

    The disadvantage is that you need an external socket that is easy to reach for the power cable. In addition, the cable can quickly become a tripping hazard - not to mention that it restricts the range of motion.

    For whom? Hobby gardeners with a maximum medium-sized green oasis, who either already have a suitable outdoor socket or can easily install one, benefit from the higher performance and the convenience of not having to charge a battery.

    Other purchase criteria

    Once you have decided on a species, you should take a closer look at the following criteria before you complete your purchase:

    • cutting system
    • power
    • Weight
    • cutting width
    • energy efficiency
    • Battery capacity and charging time (only for cordless brushcutters)
    • Cable length (only for brushcutters with power cable)
    • scope of delivery

    cutting system

    our recommendation
    Einhell Gasoline Sense GC-BC 25 AS (0.8 kW, low-vibration 2-stroke engine, quick start, incl. 3-tooth blade and double thread spool with automatic inching)
    To the product

    Line for cutting lawn edges and close to walls, fences and other obstacles.

    Knife for thicker undergrowth.


    With a shredding knife, you can trim even the most stubborn undergrowth.

    Saw blade for woody shrubs and particularly stubborn wood.


    The more stubborn the weed to be trimmed, the more powerful the electric brushcutter has to be.


    Choose a model that is as lightweight as possible - but only if the quality does not suffer as a result.

    cutting width

    A larger cutting width is recommended for a large area; for narrower or angled sections in the garden, on the other hand, a smaller cutting width makes more sense. Which "shape" corresponds more to your green oasis?

    energy efficiency

    our recommendation
    WORX WG157E.9 cordless lawn trimmer 20V - 2-in-1 device: lawn edger with lawn trimmer - practical automatic line extension - including line spool and safety protection - without battery and charger
    49.99 EUR To the product

    By buying an electric brushcutter with high energy efficiency,

    • save electricity and
    • protect the environment.

    Battery capacity and charging time

    With a cordless brushcutter, the capacity of the battery should be as high as possible so that the latter lasts for a while before it needs new energy. At best, the loading time is limited.

    cable length

    To be flexible when cutting with a corded electric brushcutter, you need a version with an extra long cord.

    frequently asked Questions

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric brushcutters compared to petrol models?

    • handier
    • a little more environmentally friendly
    • cheaper
    • less powerful

    How much does an electric brushcutter cost?

    Cordless brushcutters are sometimes available from as little as 20 euros - but only from no-name manufacturers. For models from well-known brands that bring a certain quality, you usually have to pay at least twice as much, often even more. Most battery-powered brushcutters cost between 70 and 200 euros. Corded brushcutters are in a similar range.

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