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A watering computer with a moisture sensor reliably supports you in supplying the lawn and other plants in your garden with the optimum amount of water. You can find out how such a device works and what you should pay attention to when buying it in our guide.

If it has rained and the ground is damp, the watering system with a moisture sensor will not turn on

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  1. What is an irrigation computer with a moisture sensor?
  2. Purchase Criteria
  3. What is an irrigation computer with a moisture sensor?

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    First of all, a watering computer with a moisture sensor has the same properties, advantages and disadvantages as a classic watering computer. First and foremost, it serves to automatically water the green oasis. After you have installed the device and set your desired times, the lawn and plants are watered without your intervention.

    Here is an overview of the most important general pros and cons of irrigation computers:

    • Flexible watering times
    • Individually adjustable
    • Battery usually not included

    Our detailed article on the subject describes more detailed information about what constitutes an irrigation computer and what types there are.

    A watering computer with a moisture sensor has an extra function. This "special" ensures that you water your green areas in a way that saves water and is therefore also environmentally friendly.

    The advantages of a humidity sensor

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    In a nutshell: If the watering computer is also connected to a moisture sensor, your green area will be supplied with the ideal amount of water at all times. Lawn and plants do not get a drop too little or too much.

    By the way: The perfectly dosed watering also has a positive effect on your annual water bill. With a watering computer including a moisture sensor, you can water your garden efficiently.

    How the humidity sensor works

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    Place the sensor between the plants in your garden (details can be found in the manufacturer's description that you received with the device). After installation, i.e. connection to the watering computer, the moisture sensor measures the soil moisture at regular intervals. The measured data is always transmitted to the irrigation computer. The latter only starts watering when the moisture value determined is lower than the target value that you (must) have previously set.


    In addition to the humidity sensor, there is also a rain sensor. This also helps you not to waste precious water resources unnecessarily.

    Purchase Criteria

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    When buying an irrigation computer with a moisture sensor, you should definitely consider the following criteria:

    • Connections with suitable thread and pressure
    • flexibly adjustable watering cycles, duration and frequency
    • as large and clear a display as possible
    • battery level indicator

    In addition, it is of course important that the moisture sensor is qualitatively convincing. Our overview shows you what you need to watch out for in this regard:

    • Branded product: Prefer a device that comes from a well-known, reputable brand, such as Gardena. This is the only way to ensure that you get a working model.
    • Reliability of measurement (including measurement accuracy): The humidity sensor must logically work reliably and precisely. Otherwise the whole system makes no sense. Read customer reviews.
    • Practicality: Choose a version with a long connection cable (five meters is very good) in order to be able to connect the soil moisture sensor flexibly and easily. It is also essential that the desired soil moisture can be easily set (e.g. using a large rotary knob).
    • Battery charge level indicator: Like the irrigation computer, the sensor should also indicate in good time when it needs new energy.

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