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A watering computer with a rain sensor ensures that the green areas in your garden receive the right amount of water. Our article informs you about what characterizes such a device and what needs to be considered when buying it.

A rain sensor saves a lot of water

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  1. Portrait of a watering computer with a rain sensor
  2. Purchase Criteria
  3. Portrait of a watering computer with a rain sensor

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    Like a conventional irrigation computer, a model with a rain sensor is used to automatically water the lawn and other plants in the garden. In the course of the installation, you enter your desired watering times (cycles and duration) - the water computer then starts and stops the water supply according to your specifications. Casting couldn't be more comfortable.

    Our comprehensive guide on this topic provides you with more detailed information on the properties, advantages and disadvantages of irrigation computers in general.

    If you operate the irrigation computer with a rain sensor, there are even more practical advantages. The sensor is therefore a useful extra.

    The advantages of a rain sensor

    A rain sensor measures the humidity and does not water when it rains soon

    The purpose of the rain sensor is the adequate - and thus economical - watering of the green oasis. It supports the watering computer in supplying your lawn and the other plants in the garden with only as much water as is necessary in the respective situation, so that not a drop is wasted.


    Remember that our groundwater is becoming increasingly scarce. Efficient watering is therefore an environmentally friendly, sustainable measure.

    A pleasant side effect of using a rain sensor is that your annual water bill can look friendlier.

    How does a rain sensor work?

    How an irrigation computer with a rain sensor works is very simple: position the sensor between the plants in the garden. As far as the details are concerned, it is best to take a look at the instructions from the respective manufacturer. After installing and pairing the rain sensor to the water computer, the matter is as follows:

    • The sensor continuously measures the humidity. That way he can easily tell when it's raining.
    • The determined humidity data is forwarded to the irrigation computer.
    • When it rains, the water computer interrupts or stops watering.


    In addition to the rain sensor, there is also a soil moisture sensor. This measures soil moisture instead of air moisture. Otherwise the principle is the same.

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    Purchase Criteria

    When purchasing an irrigation computer with a rain sensor, these criteria must always be taken into account:

    • Connections with suitable thread and pressure
    • flexibly adjustable watering (cycles, duration, frequency)
    • Control via a large, clear display
    • battery level indicator

    In addition, the rain sensor must function properly. Pay attention to these points:

    • Reputable manufacturer: Buy a water timer with a rain sensor from a reputable brand. Then you usually get the quality you want. Recommended manufacturers are Gardena and Royal Gardineer.
    • Measurement reliability and accuracy: Does the sensor measure the humidity reliably and correctly? Check out customer reviews for a more practical look.
    • Applicability: Ideally, the chosen model will have a long connection cable to be flexible during installation. In addition, convenient operation is essential.
    • Battery level indicator: Does the sensor indicate in good time when it needs new energy?

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