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In logistics, pallets are true all-rounders. But they also prove their qualities in garden design. Many a gardener has already made a whole piece of furniture out of the wooden panels. And what should not be missing in the interior? Of course, the planter. Here you can find out how you can easily build it yourself.

Pallets are made to be planted

Various building instructions

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to garden design. Both newcomers and experienced craftsmen can let off steam building a planter out of pallets. Here are a few ideas of varying difficulty:

The classic variant

The easiest way to build a planter from pallets is to stack several on top of each other and place flowers in the gaps. This creates a colorfully blooming shelf that has a special charm when overhanging plants hang from the upper floors.

The ladder

  1. Stand a pallet upright with the top facing forward.
  2. Place an inverted pallet on the floor in front of the upright one.
  3. Saw another pallet a little shorter and place it upside down on the one below.
  4. Continue like this until you are almost level with the top edge of the standing pallet.
  5. You can now plant in the individual gaps.

To hang

  1. Shorten a palette so that only a space remains.
  2. Nail this to the wall.
  3. Here, too, there is space for a small plant.
  4. Several shelves next to each other look particularly beautiful.

For creative minds

Of course, you can also work with color in the above examples. If you want to follow your own ideas, disassemble the pallet completely and make great planters out of the wood. In contrast to real boards, this is child's play. Since you can usually buy pallets for free from companies and logistics companies, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake.

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