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In the hardware store, large planters look particularly attractive. If the garden offers enough space, they are ideal as eye-catchers. Unfortunately, it looks a bit strange in the end because the chosen planting is going under. So which plants should the gardener use to create a balanced relationship between planting and tub? This article will tell you.

Very large planters are best filled with a wheelbarrow

Fill large planters correctly

Before you start choosing plants, you need to fill your planter. On the one hand, this is important for stability, on the other hand, you prevent waterlogging or other harmful factors.

  1. Check if the bucket already contains a hole.
  2. Otherwise, you will have to install drainage yourself.
  3. Place a potsherd over it so that the hole doesn't get clogged with soil later.
  4. Cover the bottom layer with gravel, expanded clay (€19.73) or small pebbles.
  5. The natural material stores the water so that the substrate always stays a little moist.
  6. A garden fleece is placed on top.
  7. Pull this up the inside wall of the bucket and cut off the ends that are protruding.
  8. Now fill the pot with garden soil.
  9. Press the substrate lightly.
  10. Now you can already plant your bucket.
  11. Make sure the soil doesn't reach all the way to the top of the pot to prevent water from overflowing when watering.

Plant large planters properly

  1. You can choose between individual plants or a combination.
  2. With different plants, plant the big ones first.
  3. If the plants are the same, you should place them in rows so that the roots can spread out better.
  4. Climbing plants are planted at an angle in the ground.

Examples of great combinations are:

  • phormium
  • Pennywort
  • strawberry plants
  • pearl millet
  • spurge
  • coneflower
  • dwarf maple
  • gold fingers
  • different grasses
  • white dahlias
  • begonias
  • Ivy as a filler
  • and yellow cape daisies

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