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A brushcutter is the perfect complement to a lawn mower, allowing you to perform easy, accurate garden maintenance. The use of a petrol-powered model proves to be particularly simple. With such a product, you are not dependent on a power source and can move around in the garden regardless of location. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when choosing a brush cutter. Our comparison advises you on all important purchase criteria.

Petrol brush cutters are useful where electricity is scarce

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    The petrol brush cutter (€149.95) is considered to be the most powerful product of its kind. A technically sophisticated motor saves you a lot of effort, so that it is only necessary to guide the device. However, there are different models whose efficiency you should adjust to the circumstances of your property. The following comparison will help you to save costs and annoyance due to a bad purchase.

    Petrol brush cutter for private gardens and ordinary lawn edges

    our recommendation
    COSTWAY lawn trimmer 2-stroke petrol 25cc, brush cutter with shoulder strap, lawn edger 800W / 43cm cutting width / 7500 rpm / 500ml oil tank / single line 6m /Φ2mm / with mixing bottle
    98.99 EUR To the product

    A petrol brush cutter is basically only worthwhile from a certain plot size. Since the models have a lot of power compared to cordless and electric brush cutters, they are primarily used in the economic area. Nevertheless, there are also small devices that are suitable for private use. For example, if you want to free your bed edge from overgrown growth, we can warmly recommend such a model. Thanks to the motor, you save a lot of effort. In addition, these relatively small petrol brush cutters are lightweight and very inexpensive compared to the following types. Especially when working near a stone edge, we recommend a protective bar that protects both sensitive stones and the brush cutter from wear and tear

    • Easy
    • Cheap
    • Slightly powerful

    Petrol brush cutter for larger meadows and undergrowth

    our recommendation
    FUXTEC petrol brush cutter - 2-in-1 multi-tool trimmer FX-MS152 with 52cc 3HP power, 2-stroke - professional carrying strap lawn trimmer, brush cutter fs line - easy starter - tested in the upper class with a grade of 1.4
    129.00 EUR To the product

    If you are dealing with stubborn undergrowth or large areas or meadows, your brush cutter needs more power. Accordingly, the weight and size of the model also increase. In this form, the petrol brush cutter is more like a trimmer.

    • More efficient
    • heavier
    • More expensive
    • volume up
    • Greater

    Petrol brush cutter for thickets, shrubs and small trees

    our recommendation
    FUXTEC professional petrol brush cutter FX-PS152 - professional scythe with line and comfort carrying strap - grass trimmer with anti-vibration system - 2-stroke brush cutter line spool
    149.00 EUR To the product

    If you want to rid your garden of branches growing across the whole area, we recommend a very powerful model that can also reach treetops at great heights. A telescopic arm is used for this purpose, which extends the handle of the brushcutter to a length of up to 4 m. Please note, however, that despite the better accessibility, the stability decreases the longer you extend the telescopic handle. While the cut at chest height is easy to do, working with an extended handle requires some practice. Make handling easier and choose a model with a rotating cutting head. This allows you to work from the ground on the spot without having to constantly search for the right position.

    • Renewable
    • Very powerful
    • Rotatable cutting head
    • Expensive
    • Decreased stability
    • Heavy

    Other purchase criteria

    You should adapt the type of your petrol brush cutter to your property. In addition, regardless of the product type, there are a few purchase criteria that determine the quality of your petrol brush cutter. Our test reveals which properties are important when making a purchase.

    General performance

    Gasoline-powered brush cutters are considered the pinnacle of gardening tools. The powerful motor kills off any undergrowth. But it doesn't always have to be the strongest model. For fine work, you are better advised to use an average brush cutter. Keep in mind that size and weight increase as power increases. Rather trust in pleasant working comfort and do not spend money unnecessarily. Of course, a powerful model requires more fuel and is generally in a higher price category.


    Gas brush cutters can have two different engine types. A two-act has a higher speed because no valves have to be moved. Because of this, the sawmill runs faster. Alternatively, a four-act machine has been installed in your brush cutter.

    drive shaft

    The drive shaft has the task of transferring the power of the gearbox to the cutting tools. Accordingly, it is one of the most important features for the efficiency of your brushcutter. In addition, handling is only comfortable if the quality is good. It can be either split, curved or straight.

    thread gauge

    our recommendation | Trimmer line for maximum cutting performance - 120 m high-quality and extra tear-resistant mowing line in 1.6 or 2.4 mm, size: 2.4 mm
    EUR 26.90 To the product

    Instead of conventional knives, a petrol brush cutter uses threads to shred the undergrowth. The more resistant the shrubs to be cut are, the more robust these threads must be. Look for particularly tear-resistant material in order to delay a necessary change and the purchase of new threads for as long as possible. Threads made of polymers have proven themselves in the test. On the other hand, the threads must also be soft and flexible. If you come into contact with stone edges, material that is too hard, such as wire, threatens to tear.


    The performance as a function of displacement is also known from vehicle mechanics. The same criteria apply to the petrol brush cutter: a long-stroke is slightly more powerful.

    knife working width

    In order to determine the appropriate working width, you should examine your garden before purchasing. A large working width is definitely recommended on open, spacious areas, as it allows you to mow large sections in a short time. On the other hand, a model that is too wide can prove disadvantageous when mowing close to stone edges and between flower beds. In this case, your petrol brush cutter will constantly bump into obstacles. You may not be able to reach some nooks and crannies and will have to manually correct the omission later. Even if narrow models do not work as much area at once as devices with a large working width, the work is worth it on the whole.

    Brands/ where to buy

    our recommendation
    Brush cutter petrol BRAST 3.0 PS 2 in 1 device brush cutter grass trimmer lawn mower 52 cm³ TÜV tested
    129.95 EUR To the product

    With the help of this buying guide, are you now sure which petrol brush cutter is best suited to your requirements? Then you should prefer buying on the Internet to a specialist shop. The hardware store does not always guarantee that the model of your choice is in stock. Travel and fuel costs would then be free. When ordering online, on the other hand, you benefit from convenient home delivery and can still exchange the product in an emergency.
    But this is not the only way to save costs. Since specialist dealers have to contend with great competitive pressure, they set their prices correspondingly high. The internet is free from this competition. Well-known brands and manufacturers can be found here at unbeatable prices. We can recommend the following providers, for example:

    • Dolmar
    • MTD
    • Tonino Lamborghini
    • wolf garden
    • unanimously
    • Texas
    • McCulloch
    • zips
    • Karcher
    • Makita
    • Stiga

    If you are still undecided whether it is really a bargain, there is also the option of directly comparing products and prices.

    You can also find customer recessions and reviews on the Internet. However, be warned that these are not always true. Photos and illustrations can also be deceptive. If you would like comprehensive advice, you should prefer to buy from a hardware store despite the advantages mentioned. If you would like to subject your petrol brush cutter to a practical test on site, you also have better conditions here than on the Internet. Good ergonomics and a balanced weight are the most important criteria for high working comfort.

    care instructions

    A brush cutter should be cleaned and maintained regularly

    As useful as a petrol brush cutter proves to be in use, the more intensive the care requirement is. Basically, like any garden tool, it should be cleaned thoroughly after use. For your safety, regular engine maintenance is also required. You should test whether the motor starts up properly before putting it into operation, especially after the winter or after a long period of rest. The threads must be changed regularly due to wear and tear. If, on the other hand, your petrol brush cutter has knives, these should also be sharpened at regular intervals. When storing, ensure that the device does not come into contact with moisture or other sharp tools and keep the brush cutter out of the reach of children.


    It is very important that you adhere to the recommended ratio of oil and petrol with regard to fuel production. The proportions vary from model to model. You can find detailed information in the instructions for use.


    Every petrol brush cutter comes with replacement parts such as blades and line so that, unsurprisingly, you are forced to take a break. If you have the said parts in reserve, you can repair damage quickly and continue working quickly. In addition, we recommend further accessories, which primarily serve to ensure your safety:

    Edge and bark protection

    our recommendation
    Asixx brush cutter guard, 1pc brush cutter shield for 24 26 28 mm diameter shaft
    8.09 EUR To the product

    An edge and bark guard is fitted over the otherwise exposed blades and protects both the cutterbar and shrubs. In addition, the protection prevents cut branches from randomly whirling around in the air. If you wish, you can fold up the hood.

    protective clothing

    Safety and personal protection always come first. Safety clothing consisting of

    • a pair of goggles
    • sturdy shoes
    • an overall
    • a helmet
    • and gloves

    are part of the standard equipment of every gardener.

    shoulder strap

    our recommendation
    YOUSHARES Shoulder Harness Straps Double Shoulder Harness Grass Trimmer Cutter Lawn Mower Trimmer Shoulder Strap for Stihl FS Brushcutter Brushcutter, Orange
    9.99 EUR To the product

    In addition, you should think about purchasing a shoulder strap. While this is hardly relevant for manual brush cutters, it can make working with a petrol-powered model much easier. By putting on a shoulder strap, you distribute the weight of the device evenly over your entire body. This means that your arms don't tire as quickly and you can take your hands off the handle to remove branches or twigs.

    Buying guide brushcutter belt

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