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With the electric tiller, the dream of a well-groomed lawn will soon come true. But by no means all models available on the market are of recommendable quality. Thanks to our buying guide, you are guaranteed not to make a bad purchase. In the test you will also find out what advantages and disadvantages different product types have.

Electric tillers are convenient and often smaller than petrol tillers

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Brands/ where to buy
  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    Right next to the electric tillers, you might come across petrol tillers at the hardware store. The question arises as to which model is better. With this comparison we would like to make your purchase decision easier.

    Electric tiller

    our recommendation
    BRAST electric motor hoe 1500 watts 45 cm working width 24 chopping knives tiller cultivator garden tiller electric hoe
    154.95 EUR To the product

    The electric tiller is not quite as powerful as a petrol-powered model, but due to its low weight it is suitable for anyone who values ergonomic use. In contrast to the petrol motor hoe, it is pleasantly light. In addition, the lower wattage is also reflected in the price. You can get away with it much cheaper here. Unfortunately, you always have to carry a cable with you to maintain the power supply.

    • Cheap
    • Low own weight
    • Less performance
    • cable

    Gasoline tiller

    our recommendation
    BRAST petrol tiller 4.4kW (6HP) with 2 working widths 36cm & 60cm tiller garden tiller tiller cultivator
    349.95 EUR To the product

    The petrol tiller is considered to be the most powerful model on the market and is therefore primarily suitable for professional use or very large plots of land. Although it does not have a cable, this type of product is dependent on a petrol-oil mixture.

    • Very powerful
    • No cable
    • High own weight
    • According to
    • Emits exhaust fumes
    • Requires gasoline
    • Expensive

    Other purchase criteria

    If you have decided on an electric tiller, you should pay attention to the following properties when buying:


    Depending on the size of your property, you should choose a powerful motor hoe. A moderately strong model is usually sufficient for small gardens. With around 1,500 watts, you are always on the safe side.

    working depth and working width

    our recommendation
    IKRA 70300910 electric tiller cultivator FEM1500, flexible working width 17-45cm, working depth up to 23cm, 1500 W, 230 V, red/white/grey/black
    159.15 EUR To the product

    A motor hoe with a high working depth also penetrates into the lower layers of soil and is therefore ideal for plowing up vegetable beds. A motor hoe with a shallow working depth, on the other hand, only loosens the soil. The working width of your model is also decisive. While wide products save a lot of time because they cover a large area at once, you need a narrow model in angled gardens.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Electric tillers are now part of the standard range of every hardware store. However, you have even more choices on the Internet. Here you can also compare prices and use a search filter to precisely define your requirements. Delivery is usually quick and reliable. If you are not satisfied, you can send the product back.

    care instructions

    The electric tiller must be cleaned after each use and serviced several times a year. Pay attention not only to an intact gearbox, but also to the insulation of the cable.


    Your electric tiller can be expanded with useful accessories as you wish. For example, we recommend a plow for your vegetable patch.

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