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Permanently mounted handle pumps are exposed to sub-zero temperatures in winter. Unfavorable material can be affected as a result. Fortunately, the trade also offers frost-proof models. However, this property is not the only feature to consider when making a purchase. In this handle pump comparison, we explain in detail what is important when choosing a product.

A handle pump is nostalgically beautiful and practical

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Brands/ where to buy
  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    The material is of primary importance for a frost-proof handle pump. Below we present three different types of products.

    Plastic handle pumps

    Although handle pumps made of plastic are extremely cheap, they only serve to decorate the garden. You cannot transport groundwater to the surface with it, as it is usually just a dummy. Although plastic is an extremely cheap material, it threatens to burst in the cold.

    • Cheap
    • No practical use
    • Not frost proof

    Wooden handle pumps

    Wooden handle pumps look very romantic and are also much more environmentally friendly than the plastic version. But this type of product is only weatherproof to a limited extent. If moisture penetrates the wood, cracks form and then mold.

    • Beautiful optics
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Only conditionally frost-proof

    Metal handle pumps

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    Metal handle pumps are usually made of robust cast iron or very weather-resistant gray cast iron. Since it is the highest quality and most durable product type, they are correspondingly expensive. During maintenance, make sure that the alloy does not come loose and replace it if necessary.

    • Very weather resistant
    • Expensive

    Other purchase criteria

    In addition to choosing the right product type, the following purchase criteria are relevant for the purchase of a frost-proof handle pump:


    A handle pump should not only look good, but also cause as little work as possible. A complex installation and frequent maintenance work reduce the joy of the object.

    pumping depth

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    If you want to pump water to the surface with your handle pump, the pumping depth is a decisive feature. It describes the difference between the water level and the pump inlet. Recommended handle pumps from our test had a maximum delivery depth of 6 to 8 m.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Frost-proof handle pumps are available in hardware stores and on the Internet. While the internet offers a larger selection of different presentations, in specialist shops you can see the product in its natural form and do not have to rely on photos.

    care instructions

    As you have already learned above, handle pumps are only partially frost-proof. By draining the water, you increase immunity to cold temperatures. However, the safest thing is still to completely dismantle the pump in winter. Alternatively, you should seal the object with a layer of styrofoam.


    Despite insulation, prolonged cold can lead to frost damage.


    The most important accessories of a frost-proof Svhwengel pump include seals that you should replace regularly.

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