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Have you ever thought of thinning out the treetops as a necessary evil? No wonder if you used a conventional pole pruner. Working with such a device can be really tiring. However, if your pruner is equipped with a chainsaw, cutting trees is suddenly fun. Get to know the different types of products here.

Pole pruners with chainsaws are available with petrol or electric drives

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Brands/ where to buy
  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    The pruner with chainsaw is electrically operated. This results in many advantages, as you can see from our comparison.

    Manual pruner

    our recommendation
    Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/09 Razorsharp telescopic pruner
    42.74 EUR To the product

    The standard pruner has a long (telescopic) handle with a saw attached to the end. Since this product does not have a motorized drive, you must use your own strength to saw the branches. What appears to be disadvantageous at first glance also has some advantages. For example, a manual pole pruner is significantly lighter. In addition, it consumes no electricity.

    • No power consumption
    • Low own weight
    • Powerful

    Pruner with chainsaw

    our recommendation
    ATIKA KSH 710 SDS pruner telescopic chainsaw pruning saw | 230V | 710W | Telescopic working height: ~ 2.47 m - 3.07 m
    EUR 109.90 To the product

    Compared to the model presented above, the pole pruner with chainsaw does the work with an electric drive. All you have to do is guide the device. However, due to the built-in motor or battery, the pole pruner has a higher weight. Of course, a saw is generally dangerous. However, a chainsaw has even more potential for danger, since it also rotates when you have put the device down.

    • Little effort
    • power consumption
    • Higher risk of injury
    • Heavy
    • Expensive

    Other purchase criteria

    In order to buy an effective model, you should consider the following purchase criteria:


    our recommendation
    Einhell cordless multifunction tool GE-HC 18 Li T-Solo (2-in-1 hedge trimmer and chainsaw, Oregon sword, without battery and charger)
    EUR 109.00 To the product

    As already mentioned, manual pruners are the lightest models on the market. But there are also differences in pole pruners with chainsaws. Before you buy, test whether the product feels good in your hand and whether you can hold it in your arms for a long time.

    Dimensions of the saw blade

    Do not choose the length of your chainsaw too long. If the growth is dense, a saw blade that is too long restricts the mobility of your pruner.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Pole pruners with chainsaws are available from hardware stores and online. Regardless of the source of supply, you should obtain comprehensive information about the manufacturer service. Especially with electrically operated devices, spare parts are often required.

    care instructions

    To keep your chainsaw running smoothly, you need to oil the saw blade regularly.


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