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With an electric lawn edger, you can achieve clean lawn edges. The device shortens the green carpet where your lawn mower cannot reach. There are different types of electric edgers. You can find out which one is best suited to your garden and needs by reading our article.

With a battery-powered lawn edger you can reach every corner

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  1. Types of electric lawn edgers
  2. frequently asked Questions
  3. Types of electric lawn edgers

    Essentially, a distinction is made between classic lawn edge cutters and so-called lawn edge trimmers. Both variants are available with a cable and plug on the one hand and battery-operated on the other. We present the versions with their specific advantages and disadvantages in more detail.

    Classic electric lawn edger with cable and plug on test

    our recommendation
    AL-KO electric lawn trimmer BC 1200 E (1200 watt motor power, 35 cm working width (line), 23 cm working width (knife), line adjustable by automatic inching, divisible aluminum shaft, incl. carrying strap)
    98.00 EUR To the product

    A classic electric lawn edger is visually reminiscent of a miniature lawn mower. Knife blades are installed to shorten the lawn edges. Of course, these should be sharp in order to remove the blades of grass quickly and reliably.

    With conventional lawn edge trimmers with a cable and plug, the power flows into the device via the socket. Accordingly, such an edge cutter is persistent - you do not need to rush when cutting the lawn edges (unless you specifically want to save electricity (costs)).

    On the other hand, the cable can quickly become a tripping hazard - often an unfocused, careless moment is enough. In addition, you absolutely need one (or more) easily (!) accessible socket(s) - otherwise buying an electric lawn edger with a cable makes no sense.

    Another downside is the fact that corded edgers can often get pretty noisy.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

    • persevering
    • Cable as a tripping hazard
    • Easily accessible socket(s) required
    • Consumes a lot of electricity
    • Often loud

    Recommendation: An electric lawn edger with cable and plug is suitable for a small to at most medium-sized garden with easily accessible sockets.

    Classic battery-powered electric lawn edge trimmer being tested

    our recommendation
    Black + Decker cordless lawn trimmer (Powercommand EasyFeed, 18V 4.0Ah, incl. battery and charger, 30 cm cutting width, for larger areas) STC1840EPC
    129.99 EUR To the product

    As far as the cutting elements are concerned, an electric lawn edger with a battery is constructed in exactly the same way as a device with a cable and plug. The great advantage of such a design is that it is wireless. No socket is required and you can enjoy complete freedom of movement.

    The disadvantage is that the battery life is usually limited to 30 to 60 minutes. After that, you have to recharge the device, which usually takes three to five hours. This means that you sometimes have to hurry when edging the lawn.

    Pleasant: A battery-powered electric lawn edge trimmer usually makes far less noise than a device with a cable and plug.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

    • Wireless
    • No outlet required
    • freedom of movement
    • Relatively quiet in operation
    • Limited battery life

    Recommendation: For a small to at most medium-sized garden without an accessible socket, an electric lawn edger with a battery is perfect.


    Battery-powered lawn edgers can be found as hand grass shears and as cutters with a handle. While you can usually cut more precisely with the former, a device with a handle is more comfortable to use.

    Electric lawn edge trimmer in the test

    our recommendation
    Bosch cordless lawn trimmer EasyGrassCut 18-230 (1x battery, 18 volt system, cutting diameter 23 cm, in box)
    89.99 EUR To the product

    We would like to point out here that the electric lawn edge trimmer, like the classic electric lawn edge cutter, is available with a cable and plug or with a battery. Basically, the pros and cons are exactly the same as we described for the “classics”.

    But what distinguishes electric lawn edge trimmers from classic electrically operated lawn edge cutters? It's the cutting element. Trimmers usually have line on a spool. With the thread, you can also work on lawn edges that do not run linearly (e.g. with spikes).

    The comparison with knife blade devices shows that the variants do not take much in terms of cutting results. Both versions ensure aesthetically pleasing lawn edges - always on the condition that it is a high-quality device.

    Lawn edgers come with blades or strings

    Disadvantage of trimmers: The thread is usually used up quickly. Then you have to buy and clamp a replacement for about 20 euros. This means that electric lawn edge trimmers require more maintenance. On the other hand, they generally cost less than classic lawn edgers with an electric drive.

    Recommendation: An electric lawn edge trimmer is ideal for a garden with edges that tend to be irregular.


    Give preference to an electric grass edge trimmer with a guide wheel. This wheel makes it easier for you to trim the lawn edges evenly.

    frequently asked Questions

    What is an electric lawn edger?

    An electric lawn edger is a power-operated garden tool that is either connected to the mains with a cable and plug or used with a battery. With an electric edge trimmer, you can shorten or remove the lawn edges that you cannot reach with your lawn mower.

    What should I look out for when buying an electric lawn edger?

    On the performance, the cutting width and cutting height (individually adjustable?) and the ergonomics. In addition, the maintenance effort and the basic quality are important purchase criteria. Our large general guide to lawn edge cutters provides you with details on all points.

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