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Of course, there are now electrically operated models that make cutting trees much easier. But the classic, manual pole pruner also has its advantages. In this guide, you can read what distinguishes the simple version and how to use your manual pruner correctly.

A pruner saves using a ladder

product types

In the meantime, many people prefer to use modern technology and use an electric pruner for gardening. This pruner comparison shows that a manual device also has advantages.

Manual pruner

our recommendation
Amazy Iceberk cutting giraffe + pruning saw - telescopic scissors for pruning trees and dense bushes without a ladder (1.55 - 5.40 m)
69.99 EUR To the product

Since the manual pruner has no motor, it is extremely quiet and light. In return, of course, you have to exert more force to use it. In turn, you save on fuel and electricity costs.

  • Quietly
  • No additional costs
  • No emissions
  • Light weight
  • Cheap
  • A lot of effort

Mechanical pruners

our recommendation
ATIKA KSH 710 SDS pruner telescopic chainsaw pruning saw | 230V | 710W | Telescopic working height: ~ 2.47 m - 3.07 m
EUR 109.90 To the product

Mechanical pole pruners are powered by either a cord, battery or gasoline. This not only makes the devices loud, but also heavy. However, the fact that the mechanical drive makes work easier compensates for the high weight. However, the reduced effort has its price.

Buying Guide Mechanical Pole Pruner

  • Little effort
  • Powerful
  • High costs
  • According to
  • Heavy

Other purchase criteria

Even with manual pole pruners there are fundamental differences in terms of quality. Pay attention to the following criteria when buying:


In the pruner test, models with a telescopic handle have proven useful. The extendable arm makes it easier to reach branches at great heights. This advantage is not always included in the product. You can also buy telescopic handles as accessories.


Unfortunately, as the stem length increases, the stability decreases. But not only the telescopic arm worsens the handling. Poor workmanship in particular has a negative effect on operation. Therefore, make sure that all components are screwed and riveted together well.

Brands/ where to buy

our recommendation
GARDENA Pruning Shears SlimCut: Long bypass pruning shears for thinning out dense bushes and shrubs, with integrated 2-speed gear, EasyCut (12010-20)
42.79 EUR To the product

Above all, products from brand manufacturers are known for good quality and commendable workmanship. You can trust the following brands:

  • Fiskars
  • unanimously
  • Black & Decker
  • Gardena
  • Scheppach
  • Stiga
  • zips
  • Bosch

Pole pruners from these suppliers can be found both in hardware stores and on the Internet. With a bit of luck, you can even get the product of your choice a little cheaper online.

care instructions

The manual pruner also requires certain care measures. After each use you should remove dirt and tree debris with a damp cloth. Since there is no danger of getting into the rotating saw, cleaning is less dangerous than with electric models, but caution is still required.


In addition to the telescopic arm mentioned above, you can also complement your manual pruner with other accessories. A harness, for example, distributes the weight across your body and protects your arms from tiring. We recommend a protective cover or bag for storage.

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