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Grass grows everywhere, you could say. But the lawn grasses also need a special soil to thrive well. In addition, the lawn not only has to grow, but also has to be firmly anchored in the ground so that it can bear loads. Whether potting soil is suitable for this is questionable at first.

Potting soil is not ideal as a basis for lawn seeds

The right soil for lawn seeding

The soil on which the lawn is sown should contain clay and sand in addition to compost and humus. Depending on the soil conditions, the soil may need to be prepared.

Components of the lawn soil

Experts recommend the following soil mixture for optimal grass growth:

  • about 50% compost
  • a humus content of 30 to 40%
  • a 10 to 20% proportion of sand
  • fertilizer

The pH of the soil is ideally between 5.5 and 6.5.
In such a loose soil mixture, the seeds can sprout well and the young grasses can develop well. However, such soil is rarely found in the garden. Therefore, it must be prepared with the necessary ingredients. For a completely new system, you can also buy ready-packaged lawn soil in a specialist store.

A loamy soil requires a generous dose of compost and some sand. If the soil is too sandy, compost will also improve it. The incorporation of rock dust (€14.13) also serves to improve the soil.

The suitability of potting soil

This soil is specially composed for potted or tub plants. It contains up to 90% peat, lots of humus and various fibres. Also included are lime and sufficient fertilizer for the first few weeks. This is usually the so-called NPK fertilizer, which consists of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K).

Potted plants feel at home here, they can root well and have sufficient food and water. Lawn seed will certainly sprout well in this soil and also grow satisfactorily. However, since potting soil has a loose structure and ideally does not collapse and compact, it will probably not withstand the stress of the lawn.
Lawns that grow on potting soil may still be walkable, but excessive play will certainly damage the lawn.

Potting soil can of course be used for minor repair work on the existing lawn.

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