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With the support of a manual lawn aerator, it is even really fun to lend a hand in the garden. In our lawn aerator comparison, we present different models and their advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to comprehensive advice, you are guaranteed to find a helpful product.

Hand-held lawn scarifiers are practical and easy to use

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  2. Other purchase criteria
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  4. care instructions
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    Modern technology makes gardening a lot easier these days. Motorized innovations are increasingly replacing manually operated devices. But does that mean they are automatically better? In our lawn aerator (€152.63) test, we compared the manual lawn aerator and the electric lawn aerator.

    hand lawn aerator

    our recommendation
    Gardena combisystem scarifier boy: hand scarifier for removing moss, weeds and lawn thatch, 32 cm working width, with robust wheels and lifting axle for easier work (3395-20)
    49.99 EUR To the product

    The hand lawn aerator is equipped with a handle that is at least 180 cm long, but does not have a motor. On the one hand, this type of product is very space-saving, but requires more effort when working and is only suitable for smaller areas. The model is pushed forward manually and impresses with its maneuverability.

    • Agile
    • space saving
    • No electricity or fuel consumption
    • More effort
    • Only suitable for small areas

    Electric lawn aerators

    our recommendation
    WOLF-Garten - electric scarifier V A 303 E; 16AFDFLA650
    128.96 EUR To the product

    Due to the built-in motor, the electric version is larger than the manual lawn aerator. The simplicity of the application is also reflected in the price, which can go up to 100 euros. Many models have the advantage of being able to adjust the aerator roller and the floor thickness. We recommend this device from a plot of 600 sqm.

    • Hardly any effort
    • Variable settings
    • Greater
    • More expensive
    • Requires a power source

    Other purchase criteria

    After we have compared the hand lawn aerator with the electric version, we will present you with a few more purchase criteria below.

    cutting width

    our recommendation
    WOLF-Garten - pendulum scarifier multi-star UG-M 3"NEW2018, red, 35x30x10 cm; 71AAA035650
    24.49 EUR To the product

    The cutting width of a hand lawn aerator is usually 10 to 40 centimeters. The larger the value, the more area you can edit at once. However, both flexibility and handiness are reduced.


    The weight becomes particularly relevant if your garden is divided into two sections and you have to carry the device. For this reason, your lawn aerator should not weigh more than 2 kg.

    Brands/ where to buy

    In order to buy a high-quality model, we recommend choosing the following brands:

    • Gardena
    • wolf garden
    • Bosch
    • McCulloch
    • pike

    You can find such products either in hardware stores or on the Internet.

    care instructions

    The lawn aerator can be used as early as spring

    When the ground is warming up in spring is the best time to apply a lawn aerator. This effectively stimulates germination. Proceed as follows when using it:

    • Distribute lawn fertilizer over a large area of the lawn
    • sow seeds on bare spots in April
    • Water the lawn regularly
    • mowing the lawn for the first time when it is 7 to 10 cm long
    • once the lawn has stabilized, it can be aerated for the first time
    • Use lawn clippings as organic fertilizer (leave for about two weeks)
    • then remove with a lawn aerator
    • be very careful the first time
    • aerate every 4 to 6 weeks until autumn


    In order to get even more use out of your hand lawn scarifier, you can upgrade it to a combination device with an additional scarifier (84.00 €). To sow a new lawn, we recommend a spreader.

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