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Have you recently felled an old pine tree? Just don't throw away the wood. Pine wood is ideal for firing. Even if you do not have your own pine for extraction, it is definitely worthwhile to use pine when buying firewood. Find out why in this article.

Pine wood is cheap and burns well

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • low purchase price because pine trees grow back quickly
  • can be easily ignited
  • heats up quickly
  • creates intense heat
  • creates the unique crackling of a fireplace
  • creates a pleasant scent
  • dries quickly and is easy to split and store


  • has only a medium calorific value
  • strong sparks due to the high resin content
  • therefore only conditionally suitable for open fireplaces

Beware of open fires

In contrast to other types of wood, pine has a very high resin content, which has advantages and disadvantages when heated. The type of wood is ideal for a campfire or a fire basket in the open air, as it emits that unmistakable scent of resin. In addition, there is a romantic crackling and crackling sound. At the same time, however, there is an increased risk of flying sparks and the "splashing" of the embers. In the apartment, your furniture could be damaged or children could get burned. The smell of fire could also be undesirable here.

Harvest and store pine firewood

If you have a pine tree in your own garden, you can count yourself lucky. Although pine wood is not particularly expensive as firewood due to the large stock, thanks to the uncomplicated processing you still save a lot of money if you get the wood from your own cultivation.
When choosing branches, grab branches that are free of knots. In contrast to branches with forks, these can be easily split with an axe. Thanks to its low raw density, pine only needs around a year of storage before the wood is dry.

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