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The sack flower (bot. Ceanothus) is often called American lilac because of its very similar appearance. However, it only shows its mostly blue or white, sometimes pink flowers much later in the year than the native lilac.

The attractive buckskin attracts insects

The easy-care sacking flower is not poisonous, although consumption is not recommended. So it poses no danger to your playing children or free-roaming animals. On the contrary, American lilac is considered very useful because it attracts insects and is a good source of food for them. This also makes your garden attractive for native birds.

For which places is the sack flower suitable?

Depending on the species, the sack flower grows up to 2.5 meters high or remains quite small at around 30 centimeters in height. So you have a very diverse selection. However, not all varieties are hardy, and most of them do not tolerate cold wind. It is best to give the sackcloth a sunny and, above all, wind-protected place, for example on a house wall.

If you would like to have a flowering hedge, then the sack flower is also suitable for this. In a harsh area, it is best to choose a hardy variety so that your hedge does not freeze to death as easily. The distance between the individual plants should be around 30 to 50 centimeters, depending on their size.

The essentials in brief:

  • unfitg for humans and animals
  • consumption is still discouraged
  • attracts insects


You can also plant the sackcloth in your family garden without any worries. If you choose the location carefully, care is limited to regular pruning.

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