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The older the hammock is and the more often it has been used, the more likely it is that repairs will have to be made. You can repair most of the damage yourself. How to repair a swing seat if the fabric is broken, the roof needs replacing, or the swing is squeaking.

If the swing seat squeaks, sometimes just a drop of oil in the right place is enough

Repair damage to the swing seat

  • Reupholster the seat
  • renew roof
  • Eliminate squeaks
  • Replace upholstery

Recovering the porch swing

The seat of a swing seat is usually made of plastic and is not that easy to repair yourself. You can only mend very small tears with duct tape.

In the event of major damage, your only option is to buy a new cover from a specialist dealer. To do this, you must remove the old covering and send it to the dealer.

Renew the roof of the hammock

The roof suffers from weather influences such as rain and strong sunlight. After a while the material becomes brittle.

You can buy a new roof covering from a dealer. If the roof has special dimensions and you are skilled with the sewing machine, get awning fabric and simply sew the roof cover yourself.

When the Hollywood swing squeaks

In most cases, a little oil, grease, or silicone spray is enough to fix the swing squeak.

Sometimes the noise is caused by the grommets and hangers because the screws are not tightened enough. Fix the swing seat by grabbing the wrench.

Squeaking is also caused by excessive weight bearing or lopsided standing. Do not overload the swing and ensure that it is as straight and stable as possible.

Reupholster upholstery

If the upholstery has become unsightly or even torn, simply sew new covers. You should also use a solid fabric for this that does not fade so quickly in the sun. Colors and patterns should be coordinated with the covering of the seat and the roof.

You can also find suitable covers for the cushions in specialist garden shops. If the upholstery itself is damaged, you will unfortunately not be able to avoid getting new ones.


If the old Hollywood swing has had its day, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a new one. A swing can be built from pallets if you have some manual skills.

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