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A stylish garden not only includes a green lawn, lots of flowers, trees and shrubs - decorative furniture also contributes to the overall picture. If you have broken garden chairs or old chairs that no longer fit the garden style, they can be used wonderfully as decorative furniture.

Old chairs can act as a flower pot

Stylishly decorate a garden chair

There are many ways to stylishly decorate a garden chair. Get creative and consider how the chair best suits the style of your garden.

The first thing to consider is what material your garden chair is made of:

  • plastic
  • wood
  • iron
  • metal

Chairs made of plastic can hardly be changed at all because they would be damaged too badly. Chairs made of wood offer the advantage that you can saw holes in the seat and thus also bring in deeper planting bowls. On the other hand, wood is often not as weather-resistant as other materials.

A garden chair made of iron or metal cannot be changed either, but it can be decorated for a very long time.

Prepare garden chair before decorating

You do not need to prepare iron and metal chairs. They radiate a very special flair when they beautify the garden covered with moss and verdigris.

Wooden chairs should be treated with wood preservatives before decorating. You can also paint the wood with colored paint to give the chair a different colour.

What should be considered when choosing plants?

If you just want to put a bowl of plants on the seat of the chair, spring flowers or colorful summer flowers are a good choice, depending on the season. Climbers such as sweet peas or morning glory, which you drape over the back of a chair, look particularly pretty. If the garden chair is in a shady location, plants such as ivy or jellyfish are recommended.

If you want the garden chair to stay outside over the winter, choose frost-hardy plants, such as small perennials. A winter cover is still necessary. You will also need to water the plants occasionally during very dry winters.


Place a lawn chair directly on the lawn or surface of the ground, making sure your legs don't sink into it. With wooden chairs you screw crossbars under the feet, for other chairs there are caps that prevent them from sinking into the floor.

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