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If the old swing seat is beyond repair, you don't have to spend a lot of money to replace it. A hammock made of pallets not only looks original, it is also stable. It is particularly inexpensive if you build a hammock out of pallets yourself.

Pallets are suitable for many different types of furniture, including rocking ones

Build your own Hollywood swing out of pallets

Pallets are an inexpensive material for many types of garden furniture. You can also use it to build a hammock yourself.

Pallets are available from commercial establishments where you can buy them used for little money. Sometimes they are also offered via classified ads, but usually you have to pick them up yourself. They don't cost much for that.

Of course, you can also purchase new Euro pallets (€29.99) from dealers.

What you need for the swing

  • Old swing frame (€10.76) alternatively branch
  • four pallets
  • long wood screws
  • (Cordless) screwdriver
  • angle grinder and sandpaper
  • four stable swing hooks
  • four chains of iron
  • drilling machine

You should sand the pallets well before screwing them together so that you don't tear yourself into splinters later. A glaze with wood preservative is advisable if the swing gets wet frequently.

How to build a simple hammock swing out of pallets

Two pallets are screwed together to form a bench and a back wall. The rear wall is then attached to the seat. Pre-drill the screw holes with the drill (55.91€).

The swing hooks are attached to the two outer ends under the seat and to the sides of the back wall. Depending on your choice, hang the chains over the tree or on the frame and hook them into the swing hooks. Make sure that the chains are the same length so that the swing hangs straight later.

As a pillow you get foam, which you provide with covers. If you want to attach a roof over the swing seat, sew a cover out of awning fabric.

Instructions for hammock swings made from pallets

If the hammock should be a little more elaborate, you will find a large number of instructions on the Internet. You can print them out or download them. The advantage of such suggestions is also that you receive exact lists of materials.


Hollywood swings have experienced a renaissance in recent years. Garden furniture that used to look rather stuffy has blossomed into stylish swings that give every garden a special flair.

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