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Venus fly traps are primarily drawn for the decorative traps. The fact that the carnivorous plant also flowers beautifully plays only a minor role. The flower stalks form in spring and produce pretty flowers in spring.

The flower of the Venus flytrap has a very long stalk

This is how the Venus flytrap blooms

  • Flower stalks between 30 to 50 cm long
  • Flower color white - green
  • Size up to 3 cm in diameter

The flower of the Venus flytrap extends far beyond the traps to avoid catching pollinating insects. The flowers are hermaphroditic and not always self-pollinating. If you want to harvest seeds, you can do fertilization with a brush.

Several individual flowers form on each stem. They are hermaphrodite and fivefold.

The flower is formed by five green sepals and five white petals, which have small green veins.

When does the Venus Flytrap bloom?

The flowering period of the carnivorous plant begins in April. It lasts until June.

When the flowers have finished blooming, the capsules develop, in which the seeds mature. Each capsule contains countless black seeds that are very fine.

To harvest the mature seed, place a bowl under the faded flower and shake it gently. The seed just falls out. It must be kept in the refrigerator until next spring when sowing. It is best to put it in a paper bag so that it is stored in the dark.


Even though the Venus flytrap flowers very nicely, you should remember that the flowering weakens the plant. If you cut the flower stalks equally, all the energy can be directed into the growth of the traps.

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