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It is autumn. The leaves turn yellow to brown. The marguerite looks like it will die. Or is it completely different and she just sheds her leaves and retreats into the ground to sprout again next spring?

A few species of marguerite are hardy

Some species are well tolerated by frost

It cannot be said in general that daisies are hardy. There are species that tolerate frost quite well, such as species native to this country, which include, for example, the rough meadow daisy and the fat meadow daisy.

The well-known alpine daisy is also adapted to frosty temperatures due to its home in the Alps and usually survives the winter time unscathed. Likewise, most shrub daisies that are commercially available are hardy.

Get through the winter properly

In order for daisies to survive the winter time, you should take a few precautions:

  • do not fertilize from the end of August
  • cut back by a third before the onset of winter (in mild and dry locations also hand high above the ground)
  • alternatively cut back in March at the latest
  • cover with brushwood, compost or leaves in the root area

High stems overwinter

High-stem daisies, which emerge from the shrub daisies, are also widespread and popular at the moment. They should definitely be protected in winter. But first they are shortened by 5 to 10 cm in autumn. In the trunk area, they are wrapped with fleece around the end of October. A layer of brushwood is placed on the root area.

Potted daisies are not hardy

Even if your daisy is in a pot, such as on the balcony, it will not survive the winter there. It must then be overwintered indoors in a cool place (bright!) between 5 and 15 °C. Bright attics, unheated bedrooms, stairwells and conservatories are well suited, for example.

From the end of April, the daisies in the pot can be moved outside again. In winter it is important not to let the soil dry out, but to water it sparingly. Fertilizers are completely dispensed with.


Did your marguerite freeze to death in winter? If you didn't cut off the flowers in the fall, you may be lucky and the perennial will self-seed in the spring.

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