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The creeping bugle, which is very common in the wild as well as in gardens, is not only a decorative, fast-growing groundcover with pretty (usually blue) flowers, but also an almost forgotten medicinal plant. The perennial, which grows up to 30 centimeters high, blooms for a very long time.

Creeping bugle blooms for a very long time

Flowering time between April and June

The creeping bugle has a very long flowering period and usually shows its distinctive floral decoration between the end of April and June / July - depending on the weather and pruning measures even into August. While the foliage remains flat on the ground, the flowers are arranged in pseudo whorls on inflorescences that grow up to 25 centimeters high.

Collect crawling bugle

If you want to use the creeping bugle as a medicinal plant, you can collect the whole plant (except for the roots) during the flowering period. Traditionally, Günsel is collected between May and June, if possible at new moon and before sunrise, because then the plant is supposed to be able to develop its healing powers. Mainly stems, flowers and leaves are used, which can be hung to dry in a warm, airy and dark place.


The creeping bugle can easily be confused with the ground ivy, which is also edible.

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