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The Bergenia expects little care from its owner. But one or the other should not be forgotten in the context of keeping this plant healthy. This includes cutting.

Withered and withered Bergenia leaves can be removed

Cut off faded inflorescences

A cut of the Bergenia is not absolutely necessary to keep the plant alive. Nevertheless, it is worth pruning this flowering perennial after its flowering period. The flower stalks, which carried the fantastic cymes high up, should be cut down. Cut them down to the bottom.

Some varieties flower twice a year. They show their inflorescences a second time in November and until December. You should also remove them after they have faded. If you don't cut off the inflorescences, you won't prevent the fruit from forming with the seeds. This costs a Bergenia a lot of strength.

The bergenia has grown too big

Furthermore, a cut can be useful to stop the growth of the Bergenia. This plant grows taller and taller over time. At some point it looks like a large shrub. If you don't like it, cut the plant down. You can take radical action without worrying.

Note the following aspects:

  • cut down close to the ground (maximum to the rhizomes)
  • tolerates pruning very well
  • Provide complete fertilizer after cutting to stimulate new growth
  • water copiously
  • this cut acts like a makeover
  • with luck, a blossom bloom can be experienced after weeks

Old leaves are removed

It should not be forgotten that old and withered leaves of the Bergenia should also be removed. You can just cut them off at the bottom. Such unsightly leaves occur mainly during and after the winter period.

A cut can also be made in the root area

On top of that, you need pruning tools if you want to propagate the bergenia with rhizome cuttings. Spring is the best time. Plant the cuttings directly in the bed or grow them in a pot. Don't be surprised if these rhizome pieces don't flower in the first year.


You don't need an expensive pruning tool to cut the bergenia. A pair of scissors or a knife will suffice.

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