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Rarely does the cylinder brush grow as a tree. In most cases it is found as a shrub. But what are the characteristics of this plant, which comes from the subtropical zones of Australia, and what kind of care does it need in this country?

The cylinder brush can grow up to three meters high

growth height and growth width

As a shrub, the cylinder brush reaches an average height of between 150 and 200 cm. In exceptional cases, it can grow up to 300 cm high. In width it occupies a space between 120 and 150 cm (rarely up to 200 cm). As a result, it is a medium-sized shrub.

Due to the considerable dimensions and height and width, it is necessary to provide this plant with a sufficiently large bucket. The planter should have a minimum capacity of 30 liters. Fill it with conventional potting soil, because this completely meets the requirements of the cylinder brush. The shrub should be repotted every 4 years.

Growth habit, roots and foliage

Here are other external features that make the cylinder brush bush:

  • typically shrubby
  • upright
  • bushy
  • dense structure (only with the right cut and in a sunny place)
  • delicate root system
  • evergreen
  • leathery, green leaves

Bottlebrush bush in full bloom

Here are the facts:

  • about 1 cm long cylinders of flowers
  • Flowering time in summer (July) and autumn (October) (rarely up to 3 times a year)
  • Flower color: fiery red to purple
  • After flowering, cut off old inflorescences and thin out if necessary
  • well tolerated by cuts

Overwinter for years of enjoyment

This subtropical shrub is not hardy. It must be overwintered in our latitudes. This happens in a 10 to 15 °C cool place that allows enough light to reach the plant. Conservatories are a good example.

Don't forget to water the cylinder brush in winter. However, fertilizer should not be applied. From mid-May, the cylinder brush can move outside again onto the balcony or terrace. Get him used to the sunlight slowly!


Only place your cylinder brush bush in a sunny location. Even in partial shade, it forms fewer flowers.

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