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Although the Edellieschen is not considered to be hardy in this country, it is often planted in the garden or in a pot on the balcony for a season. What should you pay attention to?

The Edellieschen can be planted outdoors from mid-May

When is the Edellieschen planted?

If no more frost is to be expected in spring, the Edellieschen can be planted carefree. It is best if you wait until mid/late May. This frost-sensitive plant does not tolerate night frosts either.

Is a sunny or shady location the better choice?

The Edellieschen not only needs warmth, but also brightness and sunshine. But it cannot make friends with the direct midday sun. If it is unprotected in the midday sun in summer, there is a risk that its leaves and flowers will burn.

Ideally, the location is sunny to semi-shady. A shady place should not be an option. There, the Edellieschen hardly forms any flowers and grows more sparsely. For the culture in the room, a window sill should be chosen. The Edellieschen likes to face east or west on the balcony.

Which planters are suitable?

If you don't plant your Edellieschen outdoors and there, for example in the bed or along the way, you can cultivate it in pots, tubs, flower boxes (€16.99) or hanging baskets. In hanging baskets, a position on the middle level is optimal. Hanging flowers can be planted above and below.

Which plant partners are suitable for Edellieschen?

The Edellieschen looks effective next to plants that make its flowers shine even more, embed themselves structurally well around it and have similar location requirements. This includes, for example, the following selection:

  • hosts
  • ornamental grasses
  • magnificent candles
  • everlasting flowers
  • coleus
  • elf spurs
  • daisies
  • blue pillow

Which substrate is suitable?

In order not to have to overdo the later care and especially the fertilizing, it is advisable to choose a nutrient-rich substrate. You should also choose a humus-rich, loose and well-drained soil that can be kept slightly moist. Conventional potting soil is sufficient for potted plants.


Impatiens New Guinea can be easily grown from seed. You can harvest the seeds yourself from the end of August and sow them in spring (approx. mid-March).

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