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Helenium shines with its flowers like a sun in the morning sky. Bright colors well into autumn are what make it so appealing. In order to enjoy this plant for a long time, it should be given a certain amount of care.

The sun bride needs a lot of water, especially during flowering

Do you need a special fertilizer for the sun bride?

Shortly before or with the sprouting you can give the sun bride a complete fertilizer. For example, compost is suitable for plants in the garden, but nettle manure and pond water are also ideal for fertilizing.

Potted Helenium should be fed with a liquid fertilizer for flowers. In a pot culture, fertilizing is recommended at regular intervals throughout the growing season. You should lightly fertilize Helenium in pots every four weeks.

What should be considered when watering?

Depending on where the sun bride is, it has to be watered more or less frequently:

  • don't like dryness
  • does not tolerate waterlogging
  • Keep soil slightly moist
  • Water when the top layer of soil has dried
  • Like to mulch soil around the root area
  • increased attention: water well after planting

Which pest can be dangerous for the plant?

Snails are the culprits who like to leave nibbled leaves and make it difficult for the sun bride to grow luxuriantly and bloom happily. A snail infestation can occur especially in damp weather. Collect the pests to protect the plant!

As a precaution, you can apply bark mulch to protect the clumps. It is also advisable to sprinkle slug pellets (7.49€) around Helenium in the spring. Otherwise the snails could eat up the young perennials. There are no other special pests or diseases for Helenium.

Does hibernation make sense?

The Sunbride does not need to be overwintered. It is sufficiently hardy in our latitudes. It is only good to apply a protective layer of leaves, compost or brushwood when temperatures are significantly below zero.

Why and how is the sun bride cut?

  • Cut off faded flowers regularly (longer flowering period)
  • Cut back stems in late fall or early spring
  • remove old foliage
  • If necessary, pinch off the shoots in order to achieve vigorous growth and more staying power


To keep the sun bride youthful and vigorous, consider dividing her in spring or fall every three years.

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