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With its name and its blossoms reminiscent of the radiant sun during a sunset, the sun bride seems to depend on a lot of warmth and light. That's right. But what does it look like when the temperatures drop and with them the light intensity?

Sonnenbraut is quite hardy

Hardy in this country

With its lovely flowers and loose, graceful growth, the sun bride appears to be delicately stringed. Contrary to her appearance, however, she is not sensitive. It is considered to be very hardy in this country. Most varieties survive temperatures down to -26 °C in sheltered locations without any problems. In unprotected locations, winter hardiness is -20 °C.

Protect in extreme situations and at extremely low temperatures

If your sun bride is at an altitude that is snowy in winter and where extreme sub-zero temperatures are the norm, you should protect the plant. Insulating materials that are placed on the root area of the plant like a layer of mulch are suitable as protection. These include, for example:

  • fleece
  • jute
  • leaves
  • brushwood
  • Fir and spruce branches
  • compost

Always protect plants in pot culture

Plants that have been in pots in summer, for example on the balcony or terrace, receive special attention. They should not spend the winter outside without protection. Either changing the previous location or covering the pot with fleece is the order of the day. Additionally, if the pot is left outside, it should be placed on a block of wood.

Avoid waterlogging in the root area

Winter wet is deadly for the sun bride. Therefore, when planting, make sure to ensure good drainage in the soil. A lot of water is often formed in winter due to snowmelt. If it builds up in the root area, the roots quickly rot. On the other hand, Helenium should not dry out in winter.

pre and post work

  • cut back to just above the ground in autumn
  • Tie tall varieties together in winter if not pruned back
  • remove dead leaves
  • divide and transplant if necessary in the spring
  • from March increase the watering and fertilize


The winter hardiness of Helenium depends on the variety - for example, the variety called 'Dakota Gold' only tolerates temperatures down to -15 °C.

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