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In deciduous and coniferous forests he feels like in paradise. He also finds a home that he likes in many a garden. But do you actually know what the seeds of the edible sorrel look like, when they ripen and how they are sown?

After flowering, the sorrel produces seeds

Collection time: June to July

After flowering, the seeds ripen. The flowers can be seen from April to May. The fruits with the contained seeds are ripe between June and July. During this period the seeds can be harvested.

The best way to harvest the seeds is to pick or cut the whole fruit, take it home, and dry it there. The fruits burst open as they dry and willingly reveal their seeds.

External and internal characteristics of the seeds

Wood sorrel seeds have the following characteristics:

  • extremely small and delicate
  • colored brown black
  • drop-shaped to rounded
  • rich in oily fats
  • are located in five-lobed capsule fruits
  • are catapulted out up to 2.50 m
  • Pressure when shooting out of the fruit: Up to 17 bar

Sow the seeds

Whether in the lawn, in the bed or between stone joints - wood sorrel can be sown anywhere. Sowing is relatively easy. If you want to prefer the seeds at home, you should sow them in autumn. The period between the end of April and the end of May is recommended for direct sowing outdoors.

Thats how it works:

  • Fill the pot with soil (conventional potting soil is sufficient)
  • Sow seeds flat (cover discreetly with soil; light germinators)
  • moisturize and keep moist
  • If necessary, cover the pots with foil to increase humidity
  • set up bright and warm
  • for pre-cultivation: plant out in spring

Caution: The seeds of hardy species of wood sorrel need stratification. For several months they should be subjected to exposure to cold. They can be sown in late summer and placed outside in pots. They germinate around April/May.


Since wood sorrel likes to sow itself, it is considered a weed and is fought by many gardeners.

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