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Admittedly, it doesn't look bad with its yellow blooms nestling above its rich green foliage. Unfortunately, the horn sorrel likes to grow where it is not wanted, such as in the lawn, in the vegetable patch or between the paving slabs. Destroying him is not easy…

Horn sorrel multiplies very quickly

Permanent annihilation is a matter of luck

Once the horn sorrel has settled and it has already been able to form seeds, it is difficult to displace it again. He is considered tough. Simply tearing it out does not stop it. Its roots survive and when they don't, its seeds help spread. Horn sorrel can dominate an entire area within a few years.

Combat horn sorrel in the lawn

If the horn sorrel grows in a carefully tended lawn, the following measures can help:

  • Lime the lawn regularly (horn sorrel does not like lime)
  • Let the horn sorrel die of thirst
  • Completely dig out the affected areas and put in new (ready-to-use) lawn
  • Mow the lawn regularly (twice a week in summer).

Fight horn sorrel at other locations

At other locations it makes the most sense to weed the horn sorrel. It is imperative to remove its entire root system. Otherwise, the remaining root parts allow new plants to develop. They are extremely willing to survive. Grab a spade and gloves and get to work!

If that doesn't work or you don't have the time or inclination to weed, you can use weed killers. You should apply herbicides directly to the annoying horned violets. The plants die in no time. But that's no guarantee that they won't reappear, for example through seeds that have already been scattered…

Prevent early settlement

It would be ideal if you prevented horn sorrel from settling in advance. He loves acidic soil and semi-shady locations. Don't leave bare patches, mulch the soil, plant hardy plants, fertilize and mow your lawn, and get rid of the first wood sorrel you catch!


If you give up fighting, settle for consuming this plant for frost. Horn sorrel is edible.

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